Wednesday, January 17, 2007

You can call me Minnie...

City boy has been on a buying spree. He's discovered all these online discounts and feels he needs to get more stuff. One such buying place has been Stateline Tack. For Christmas, Darling and I received new water buckets, an electric water heater (guaranteed to keep snow and ice and any bad weather from happening, he said, but he lied), mangers for the horse and sheep, new barn boots...the list goes on. He had fun buying, we enjoyed receiving.

But it's no longer Christmas, and he's still searching for bargains. He found a new pair of shoes for himself, then came across some straw hats which he felt Darling and I needed. They came in yesterday's mail.

Darling's was black, with the brim rolled up a bit and a string that hangs down below her chin...and she's adorable. I looked at my hat...a simple rafia color and certainly nothing to wear in the show ring. Maybe Bo Derek would wear it...I'm sure Bo would look great in it...which made me think that maybe I would, too? I went and put it on, primping a bit in the mirror before coming out and asking City Boy how I looked. He looked up, said "Fine", and went back to what he was doing.

Fine??? Not an "Oh, baby, you look fine..." kinda fine, just a "Yeah, whatever, I'm busy" kinda fine. I dunno...maybe he thought the hat was supposed to be functional...or maybe he thought that if I put it on I'd become some hot 20 year old blonde (okay, that had been my secret wish for the hat!) But instead there I was, a woman who's getting closer to 50 each day wearing a silly straw hat that perhaps even Bo was too old these days to pull off. Sigh...perhaps I'll leave the tag on it; folks can call me Minnie. (Oh, puhleeeze don't tell me you're too young to know who I'm referring to!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Minnie,rotfl
First I thot you were referring to Minnie muse, until I saw the part about the tag on the hat...grand ol opry here we come..yee ha...cigar smokin guys and harley riders...