Friday, January 19, 2007

Hip Shot Mamma

I've decided I need to trim down a bit. Not a lot...that would be too much work, and I'm not fond of work. But a little couldn't hurt, so I've been looking at ways to help me shed a few pounds and tone up my tummy without too much effort. I'm not finding much help out there...seems it's a bit of work to lose and tone. And then there are the programs...Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. Oh, doesn't Kirstie Alley look fantabulous? But I don't want to spend that much money, I just want to downsize a size (or two.)

I've got an inspirational pair of pants hanging in my bathroom to motivate me to do situps. Not many situps, of course, as that would be too much work. But a few. The pants I found at a thrift store. I know, I know! Since when do I shop thrift stores??? Well, since I found this one that does 99 cent Mondays, that's when! It's crazy, all these name brands for a buck; I'v loaded up on at least a dozen pair of Gloria Vanderbuilt jeans.

Which leads me to the issue of hips. You know the saying, "Once over the lips, forever on the hips." Obviously true for Gloria, because she creates her jeans to fit those curvascious, oh so feminine hips. I, however, have no hips. Well, sure, I've got hips, they help me walk. But they're not much, and this creates a problem when purchasing pants; my waist is nearly the same size as my hips! There is a reason God gave women hips; it's to keep our pants up! My pants are always slipping down, and that's just not good.

But the new pair of jeans hanging in my bathroom...oh, they've got this deliciously tiny waistline that my not so tiny waistline refused to fit into. Hence, I'm going to shed and tone and squeeze myself in, even if I have to work for it!

Sorry, Micky D's...won't be visiting today...sigh...

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PenelopeRose said...

Wouldn't I love to downsize! Great buy on the jeans, what a find!