Sunday, January 21, 2007

On Today's Schedule...

I'd wanted to drive down to Arlington today and see my new little re-assignment filly (whom you still have not helped me name), but I received an email last night from a friend saying she just had more lambs. That brings her count up to 12, and she's terribly excited, so I believe that's where I'll head.

This is the same friend with the River Glenn chickens. She also raises Dorset sheep and has a handful of working border collies. Plus, she has a river. A big, wild, winding river that during the floods in November ripped through her property, stealing a bottom pasture away from her. I was there as the flood waters were rising, and came back to help move hay when the log jam broke. There were a couple other friends who showed up to help as well, which was a good thing. We worked at moving the hay until the water was up to our knees and it was just too dangerous to stay out there any longer.

So today, the plan is to visit the lambs and get some new photos of the damage that was done (I've not been back since the waters receded.) In the meantime, you can take a look at the pics from November. The house is up on a bluff, thankfully, as the river washed up into this particular pasture all the way into their garden, orchard, hay barn and ram shed. There's also a pic of Darling as she wrings the muddy flood waters from her sock after we'd returned home.

Aside from my little field trip, there are plenty of chores needing to be done around her as well. Clean up the paddock (uhg), new bedding in the barn, cleaning up the sheep's feed area (who'd have thought something so cute could be so messy!) I've also got to run into town to get a new apple picker and some sheep mineral. I suppose while I'm there I ought to get a salt lick for Quiet Storm as well. Oh...and I'm considering a muzzle for young Tait. She's driving us nuts with all her chewing and can't be left unattended without our losing things around here; expensive computer things. I may pick up a new gate, too, so that I can portion of a part of the pasture so she can run outside in a large fenced area... Boring details, eh?

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