Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nameless No More

Darling has finally decided on a name for Nameless...or formerly nameless, now that she's got a name. We liked the idea of having a 'storm' theme. So here she is...

Sun Storm!

I'm waiting on the paperwork to get here. Supposedly it's on it's way. By the weekend, with a little luck, Sunny will be home where she can become adjusted to her new home. This will be her third home in just over a month! Poor girl. Quite the adjustment for any animal, really, let alone one that's still wild at heart. More than at heart, really, as we still can't catch her.

I've begun a new blog; one that highlights our adopting both Quiet Storm and Sun Storm. Not that I won't post here about my lovely ladies, but more detailed accounts on trainging and day to day mustang life can be found at http://mustangdiaries.blogspot.com/


Blueridgegirl said...

Beautiful horse! I don't rife them (some scary about the idea of falling off and getting trampled...) but Husband Dear does. I love to look at them though, and to watch them move is a delight!

Kim in NC (farmgirl!)

Tracey said...

Thank you, Kim! I'm not fond of the idea of being trampled, either, which is why I try to stay on top, lol! Beautiful baby you've got :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful name for a beautiful girl! E-less