Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Okay, so here it is, fresh from the mold, my little soapy soldiers all lined up. The fragrance is called Energy, but I'm still not sold on it as a name for the soap. I dunno...what do you think? That pretty, big, red horse is going to be on the label, which is why I originally was thinking of calling it Big Red Firecracker (not the horse's name, mind you, just thought it sounded good with him.) The soaps are sitting in a box to cure before packaging. I'll need to come up with a name in the me out, would you?

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CountryGoalie said...

Or... well, is "Riding into the Sunset" too long of a name for soap? Because the hue reminds me of some of the particularly red sunsets we get off of Lake Ontario... and there's a horse on the label... so the connection there would work?

I suppose "Easter Lily" wouldn't work... the correct color, sure, but with a horse on the label it wouldn't make much sense. For that matter, it probably has no hint of flora in its scent, does it?

"Cowboy Energy"! *shrug* I don't know... I still like the sunset one the best.. but I thought I'd throw the suggestions out there. :)