Saturday, January 27, 2007

What I Should Have Been Doing..

...but haven't, is trimming the sheep's hooves. I did manage to get them dewormed last week, and Quiet Storm as well. I'd planned on doing feet today with Darling, but she got a call from a friend, and next thing I knew she was spending the night. While sheep can be done alone, I just wasn't as motivated while alone (the internet just kept calling my name!) Here are my little dears outside in the fog. Tait is busy harrassing them through the fence where she knows they can't head butt her!

Unlike me, City Boy got busy during his few days off this past week. Inspired no doubt after watching Dirty Jobs, where they'd done some mule logging, he decided to go outside and do some 'logging' of his own. Or, cut down a few small alder trees. Either way, it was good. Those little alder trees can absolutely take over if given half the chance, and that's what they've been working on out behind the house. So out came the chainsaw and down went the trees.

We've had quite a bit of fog in the morning here in the valley. Had to go out and take a few pics. The creek is running pretty good this time of year, and despite the heavy rains, it's stayed it's course relatively well. Some years it cuts itself a new path, but apparently not this year; at least not behind our house.

Don't you just love this photo? I do...the way the treetops just sort of disappear up there in the fog... I'm thinking of have a 'name that photo' contest. What do you think? Perhaps this could be one that needs an official caption.
Golly, I love this one!

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