Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How we got our name

Carpenter Creek is a lovely little spring fed trickle of water that makes it's way from the hill across the street down to the lake about a mile away. It's seasonal, drying up once the summer hits, but in the winter it runs pretty steady. It's what I named the property for when we first moved in.

But I like change.

Shortly after moving in, I decided to give gardening a try. I'm not big into work, I may have mentioned that, but how hard can it be to grow a garden? And so I went about tilling and planting and, in my zeal, I decided I could grow enough to do a CSA (community supported agriculture) type garden. So I printed up business cards and sold shares in my garden. And did I keep the Carpenter Creek name? Nope, I changed it to Garden Chick. Cute, don't you think?

When Darling and I got our first sheep, one of the yearling ewe lambs was bucking up a storm as we tried leading her along. We were laughing, and I said something like, "Look at the bucking lamb." And then a bright light went off in my head..."Bucking Lamb...Bucking Lamb Palace! That's what we ought to call our sheep farm!" Darling didn't agree. But what does she know? She's just a kid. And we became Bucking Lamb Palace.

There's something about that name, of course, that makes people smile. And they remember it, too. I call the Ag people for paperwork and when they hear my name, Tracey, they've no clue who it is. But tell them I'm from Bucking Lamb Palace and they remember me! The name was so catchy that when I began using sheep's milk for my soaps, I just had to use the Bucking Lamb name. People love it!

Then we got Quiet Storm, the mustang. And while she's an excellent livestock guardian, watching over her flock with great ambition, she just doesn't fit the whole Bucking Lamb theme. What to do? She wasn't even a bucking mustang...

That's when I came up with the Wild About line of lotions, with pics of all those formerly wild horses on the labels. "I know!" I exclaimed to Darling one day, "We could call it Wild About Farm." Darling didn't look too excited. "I liked Carpenter Creek Farm when we moved in, and I like it now. I don't think we should use any other name." Well, there is some merit to having a name like Carpenter Creek. The sheep and the horses and even the garden produce can all use the same name.
But what if I move?


Anonymous said...

I love the new "old" name! Can't you take the name with you if you should move? E-less

Tracey said...

Sure...I understand there's a Carpenter Creek a couple counties south...perhaps that's where I ought to look for a new farm?