Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Today, Darling and I travelled upriver to see the bald eagles. Eagles come from as far as Alaska to feed on steelhead salmon in the Skagit River at spawning time. The last time Darling and I were there, we spotted 86 eagles. We didn't count this year, just enjoyed.

I've always liked upriver. Peaceful, quiet, not much in the way of traffic (just ignore the logging trucks.) The best part of it, in my mind, is that real estate prices are 'stupid cheap' according to my real estate agent. That's the kind of stupid I can live with.

City Boy does not agree. He says if we moved upriver I'd have to tell people I was his sister. For stupid cheap, I would, and cross my eyes while doing it! But City Boy isn't budging. Which honestly doesn't surprise me much. He has a hard time adjusting to the new color on the walls. He complains for months when the furniture is rearranged. Can you imagine his distress if I should actually change the layout of the house? He'd never find his bedroom and constantly be walking into walls where there ought to be doors.

But back to the eagles. We were late this year; they're at their peak around Christmas and New Year. Too much snow and ice to get up there this year, however, so we had to take what we could today. The sky was overcast and it had rained overnight, both good things when eagle watching as the fishing is always best in this weather. And while it may not have been thick with eagles, there were certainly plenty of them in the trees and swooping across the water in search of food.


Anonymous said...

LOL Tracey you are too funny! Your pictures are fantastic as usual. I feel like I'm right there in the picture with you. Thanks for letting me experience Washington while sitting here in my chair. E-less

Tracey said...

Glad you enjoyed it, E-less. I really had to work to crop those photos so you could actually see the birds; I need a bigger lens! I told City Boy I didn't need a bigger one, but I do, I do!

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping City Boy surprises you with a bigger lens! E-less