Thursday, January 18, 2007

Born to be Wild?

Here's the new filly I'm hoping to get sometime soon. She's a mustang, a wild horse captured in Eastern Oregon last year at this time. Quiet Storm is also a mustang; we adopted her in May of 2006 and picked her up at an adoption closer to home a couple weeks later. That adoption also had this girl there, although I must not have thought much of her because I can't find her in any of my photos or notes (and I tend to take a lot of both.) She was adopted, but her owners were forced to move, so both she and the colt they'd gotten needed to be re-assinged to new homes. Being as how I can't pass up a bargain, I snapped at the opportunity!
But now here's the problem; she needs a name! So help me out, won't you? She comes from the Sand Springs Herd Management Area (HMA), which is a pretty harsh area from what I understand. The terrain is full of lava beds, and the horses are known to travel up to 20 miles to get from grazing to water. Pretty tough critters!
So far, this girl's not halter broke. The BLM volunteer, Steve Reppert, who has her right now managed to get a halter onto her, thankfully. And while he's been working with her a bit, I suspect it'll be awhile before she's completely relaxed. I'm excited about the challenge!
Don't forget to send me your suggestions for a name!


2 LMZ FARMS said...

I always have to wait and see how the horse acts before I name mine. I sorta like MUSTANG SALLY. Just a suggestion. I know you will get a lot of good names for her. Good luck on trying to pick one. Keep me posted please

Tracey said...

Laura, Thanks for the great suggestion; I've always liked that name, too! did a friend of mine when she adopted her mustang filly a couple years ago (sniff, whine, cry...why did she steal my name?) I'll keep you posted, though, and thanks for stopping in! :)

Day4plus said...

Are you on Carpenter Creek in Snohomish? Sometimes it does help to get to know the personality and then a name will fit. How about Springloaded because she is from Sand Springs and she is a handful right now. Call her Sandy as her barn name. MB

Day4plus said...

HEY TRACY I POSTED A COMMENT AND I CAME BACK TO SEE IF YOU ANSWERED IT AND IT WAS GONE. Hmmmm. Caps duh! I suggested Springloaded because she is from Sand Springs and she is a bit wild now and call her Sandy for her barn name. Are you at Carpender Creek in Snohomish? MB

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracey,
She's a beauty! I agree with Laura about maybe waiting to get to know her better.
My horse's name doesn't do anything for me and doesn't fit his personality at all, but he came to me that way. Been wanting to change it, but not sure.
Maybe pick her out a "nickname" until you decide on a full name, but then you can still call her by her nickname too. How's "Girlfriend" sound? Or "Honey"?
You get the idea.

Good Luck! ~ Belinda (chickenlips)

Tracey said...

Thanks for the additional name suggestions...and the suggestion to wait, lol! Which of course I am, which is why I'm also looking for ideas in the meantime :)

I mailed off the last bit of paperwork yesterday, along with the transfer of title fee, so hopefully by this time next week she'll be here!, not Snohomish. We're north of them, near the border. And Belinda, I'm hoping to get down for some better eagle pics today or tomorrow!