Friday, February 2, 2007

You're Kidding Me, Right?

Some days you've just gotta wonder...

After spending all day driving upriver to see one little immature bald, today Darling and I found this pair hunting in my sister's backyard! Lovely, aren't they?


homemakerkate said...

dear tracy,
first, thanks for posting on my blog! Yes this menopause thing is nuts...the zoning out...i thought was early alzheimers! whew! I love the stone angels! I have some photos in a box somewhere of stone cheribs i had found in lower michigan. Also LOL! the walteroni had me laughing so hard! we get these terrible pesky Catapillers here in the spring, some years worse then others. They are offically called tent catapillers, locally called army worms. one night my dear husband had cooked brown rice for a dinner side, the kiddies not having had it before wanted to know what it was...ah yes he did! told the dears that is was cooked army worms, they ran from the table!
i live in michigan's upper peninsula and we have plenty of wildlife here too, you have inspired me to get out and take some photos! well after it warms up i think. it is getting to -35 tonight without the windchill.
stay warm and safe hope to hear from you again
Katie aka homemakerkate

Tracey said...


Glad you stopped in! Early alzheimers...yes, I thought the same thing! Fleetingly, of course, as I soon forgot what I was concerned about :)

Oh, I know those catapillars well. We've got them here, too. Your dh sounds like a real scream, lol!

Brrr...sounds too cold there for me. Got cold just reading the temps you posted; I'd better go grab some hot chocolate to warm me up!