Friday, February 2, 2007


Darling and I love tip-toeing through cemeteries. On our way home from upriver yesterday, we stopped at Bayview Cemetery where a few of my ancestors are buried.

One of those ancestors was Carl Kunzman. Carl was of German decent; both of his parents immigrated from Germany. I'm sure you wouldn't have known that by Carl's last name, as he changed it during World War I so that it didn't sound quite so German to those living here in America. The tombstones at the cemetery reflect the change. Take a close look and you'll see that Carl dropped an 'N' at the end of his last name, making it appear far more American. The first picture is Carl's grave, the second one has his father's tombstone in focus (a bit) so that you can see how different it looks from his son's Americanized version. I'm sure, had you lived during WWI, that you never would have thought Carl to be German after he changed that name...would you?

But enough about my zany ancestors; at least for now. Darling and I really wanted to take pictures of the angels at the cemetery. There are two that we really like. Hope you also enjoy the Concrete Angels!

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Sue said...

Such wonderful angels, you don't see much of them anymore, not around here anyway.