Wednesday, February 7, 2007

And the Winner Is...

I'm so glad y'all have stopped in this past week to read the silly things I've written. I'm wondering how many of you will disappear now that you've realized there's no free beer?

But there is a winner. Darling and I sat here writing down the names of all those who've posted comments, then we folded them and she brought out a hat into which we deposited them. We wanted this to be a family affair, so Darling called the Grammar Nazi in to draw the name. He was just reaching in, when he had a swell idea (or so he said), and he called Tait the Australian Shepherd over.

Tait had nothing better to do, he said, although Tait disagreed. She'd been barking at Rufus, no doubt discussing tomorrow's security plans, as she'd been a bit concerned today about the neighbor dogs. Plus, there'd been several bicycles going up the road these past couple of days and she's been convinced they need herding. Of course you and I know that bicycles don't herd well, and Rufus was just explaining this to her when the Grammar Nazi called her away.

So anyway, the hat was handed to Tait, who promptly stuck in her snout and pulled up a mouth full of paper...lots of paper. Not just one name, but several! No, no, you don't all win, sorry. Darling and GN began pulling the wet, slobbery slips of paper out of Tait's mouth, determined to narrow things down from those she'd selected when they realized she still had one in her mouth.

Obviously, she'd spit out those of you she didn't like. And who did she feel the need to continue savoring inside that wet puppy mouth? Why, it was Laura, aka 2LMZ Farms! So congratulations, Laura, and I promise that we won't let Tait taste the soap!


Sue said...

Hey, I'm still here and no giveaways!! Love your blog, your on my daily list to read! Congrats Laura!

Janet said...

Congratulations to Laura! I love the way you drew the name! Very unique.

PenelopeRose said...

Congratulations Laura! You're going to love that soap!