Monday, February 19, 2007

A Day in the Country

Another trip to Brigget's this weekend, and guess what I saw? The barn owl! She'd been in her nest box when Brigget went up the ladder to get my hay. I spotted her flying out of the barn over to this tree. She was rocking back and forth, as though breathing heavily; probably why that first photo is just a wee out of focus there. Hasn't she got the loveliest face?

A few years ago Darling and I went to Northwest Trek and saw these Snowy Owls. Very different looking than the Barn Owls. (What do you suppose Barn Owls were called before they began inhabiting barns?)

As long as I was at Brigget's, and as long as my camera had come along with me, I thought I'd get a few more pictures of the farm. Below are seedheads from last summer's sunflowers.

Okay, I'm not a huge data base of flower names...are these snowdrops? Or perhaps their name is Lovely White Flowers in Winter? I think that's what I shall call them.

The signs below were painted by Brigget's daugther, Rosie, before she left for college last summer. I think I need signs like that, only different. Mine would say Nasty Rooster, Wild Horses, and All That's Left of Walter.

After picking up hay, I decided to take the long way home and get a few pictures of the country side. I hope you enjoy them!

Okay, if you got this far, and you're still's a sneak peek at what's coming up! I'll be holding a contest on "Winsday" to name a new blog! The theme is barns...barns...and more barns! Pictures not just by me of my soggy, northwet barns, but you can submit your barn photos, too!

So put on your thinking caps and come up with the perfect name...Barn Again? Barn to be Wild?'re a clever group! Just give it a couple days and come back on Winsday to share your ideas! In the meantime, a bit of inspiration...


Sue said...

Tracey, you live in such a beautiful place!! I want that farm!! I love the owls too, so differnt from the ones I've seen here, mainly barn. Oh goodie, another contest and Barn Again was the first thing that entered my mind, since I won 2nd. place in a barn again poetry contest a few years ago! Putting my thinking cap on!!

ikkinlala said...

Lovely pictures!

kansasrose said...

Tracey you've got some mighty awesome photography here...the owls just rock my world! I think the owl is my totem animal/bird! have you ever seen a Great Northern? They freak me out...if you disturb them and their territory at night they will fly close to you and all ya hear is their huge wings flapping like some kind of mothman thing. Creepy but amazing! Your owls are beautiful! I love these barns! Barns are just wonderful...I took a few pics yesterday of some close by...hmmmm how bout "barnoroma" or "Barn Free" or "Barn Beeeeutiful" for your blog? ;) Gonna put ya on my fav list now.

Gail said...

Oh goodie, I LOVE barns. I want to own the one in the last picture you! Does somebody live there? and the house reflected in the water, you got that camera thing down good girl. I vote for Barn-again

PEA said...

Such gorgeous pictures! I've only ever seen a Snowy Owl once in my life, I guess they're pretty rare around here! lol Owls are such fascinating creatures.

I love old barns too and now you realize I won't be able to pass one without stopping to take a picture! lol Hmmmm you've already come up with a few great names for your's 8 am here and my brain is still half asleep. lol Will let you know if I think of anything! xox

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!! We had a barn owl poop in our barn this last summer and I was wondering what a barn owl looked like. How Cool!

Barn it!

Tracey said...

Thanks for stopping in, ladies! Glad everyone is enjoying the barns and the owls.

Kansas, no, I haven't ever seen a Great Northern. I'm not even sure if we've got them here; I've never been a huge owl buff, but must say after seeing the barn owl the other day that I may need to start researching them a bit.

Gail, that last barn is a couple miles down the road from me. Someone does live there, but unfortunately the barn is slowly fading one loves it anymore :(

Tina Leigh said...

Hey Tracey thanks for commenting on my blog. Gee it looks like your an old country girl like me!! I love the Barn Owl. I have a Barred Owl here. Got some good pic.s of her back in the summer. I'll be back!!!

Connie Peterson said...

I am like Kansas Rose - my totem is the owl!! Love it!

I have several pictures of OLD barns (I love OLD barns) ... if you want, I will send them to you.

I am going to link you on my blog - I have you in my favorites, but now am going to do the work of linking (really not that hard).

Barn Again or Barn Free are my choices.


Beth said...

These pictures make me miss living in & around Seattle all my life, since moving to flat 'ol Indiana 3 yrs. ago.
Especially the ones with the hills & mountains off in the distance.

Tracey said...

Glad everyone is enjoying the photos! Of course, tomorrow is Winsday, and I'll be posting a bunch of barn photos that day to help inspire everyone :) Be sure to come back!

Anonymous said...

I liked your suggestion... Barns, Barns, and more Barns.

smilnsigh said...

Sorry, I'm no good with thinking up names. Just look at the goofy name I put on my Photo Blog! :-((((