Tuesday, February 13, 2007

City Boy? I'm sorry...

Really, dear, I'm sorry. You know how I am, all competitive and such. And these ladies, they just forced me into posting those horrible pictures. I didn't really want to...but...well, the thought of winning...it just got to me!

But you know I just finished cleaning it all back up. You and I, we know it's not ever really that messy, I just staged it. It was the camera angle...the lighting...yeah, that's it. And now it looks all better, dear. See? Everything back in it's place, ready for your dining pleasure.

We'll dine at the table tonight (like we usually do), and I'll make your favorite thing for dinner...reservations! No, wait, that's my favorite thing. I'll get us some pizza tonight, though, how does that sound?

Now, I've been working on a little Valentine poem for you. Here it is:

Roses are red,
Violets are Blue,
When you get home
You know what we'll do...

We'll go out for dinner
Cuz you don't like my cooking,
I can't take my eyes off you,
You're so danged good looking!

I'll wear my new hat
You said it looks 'fine'
I'm not sure you mean it
Though I don't mean to whine

The kids are both laughing
They find it funny
That I'm writing you love notes
And calling you Honey

But never mind them
What do they know?
You're still my man
My number one beau!

(Does that get it?)


RoseMary said...

Very nice, Tracey. I love the red wall and the green chairs. Cute poem--any man would be proud:)

FarmgirlCyn said...

LOVE the poetry, and really love your photo of the chickens!

MB said...

Sassy sonnet. Tracey would you e-mail me i have to ask you a camera question. Thanks. If you e-mail me you could (if you wanted) leave me your e-mail. Again thanks MB

Sheila said...

Enjoyed your Valentine Day poem, I'm sure your husband does too.
I just looked at your other blog, I have a fascination (not morbid) of old cemteries. Your photos are interesting.
I am allergic to chocolate too..
I break out in 'Hips'...LOL

Blueridgegirl said...

My Gawd! Your counters are so clean! Mine have so much junk sitting on them... bits and pieces of everything! If only I could get rid of the family, I may could have clean counters. No reason to fret though...