Thursday, February 15, 2007

City Boy Caught Cheating!

City Boy and Darling...happier times

I'm overwhelmed...stunned...shocked right down to my very core. Blinded by tears, frustrated and confused. I'm not sure what went wrong, when it went wrong or even where...

It's something I've been sensing, but couldn't quite put my finger on it. He's seemed...distracted, I suppose. And closed; not willing to share like he used to. And the shower...the shower...

He wasn't home, so I began cleaning. I know, so totally not me. And yet, it seemed like the thing to be doing. An uneasy feeling had been haunting me and I just needed to burn it off, I guess. I washed the sheets. Picked up the dirty socks. Began to clean the counter in the our bathroom.

And that's when it hit me. I could actually smell her in there! His clothes from yesterday were tossed off to the side, ready to be brought into the laundry room. I picked them up, a bit hesitantly. I slowly raised them to my face, afraid to take a closer whiff...but I did, and I could smell her. Just the faintest, lightest trace of an unfamiliar fragrance...yet familiar enough for me to know instantly that City Boy had been with someone else.

I threw the clothes into the laundry and stormed back to the bathroom in tears. The scent was still there, and I knew exactly where to find her. Can you believe he thought he could hide her right under my nose??? Fighting back the tears, I swung the shower door open, my eyes falling upon that little hussy sitting flauntingly in soap dish. Irish @$%$# Spring!!! The man had the audacity to buy a freaking bar of Irish Hussy Spring soap! And me, a soap maker!
This was always our song...I wonder if he even remembers the lyrics any more...

Soap....soap will keep us together
Think of it, Babe, whenever,
Some sweet talking bar comes along, singing her song
Don't mess around you got to be strong
Just stop, cause I really love you
Stop, I'll be thinking of you
Look in my heart and let soap keep us together....forever... embarrassing for a soap maker...


Rachel Whetzel said...

You.... horrible horrible.....!!OMG! I was so sad for you! LOL Now I'm just sitting here wiping my face from the tears of LAUGHTER...
That was a good one! and the DAY after Valentine's Day!


Gary McArthur said...

You had me going there for a moment.

Ever thought of a career in comedy writing!?
Well done!

Ellen said...

A little roll in the clover? lol
Quite the trick, wouldn't you say lol

so do tell is the boy irish?

and if you can cook up soap you can't be all just a betty crockett box mixing in the kitchen lol

O only time my kitchen counter was as clean as yours was after i set mine on fire.

O Tracy I stopped by the other night after you visited me, then got tied up on the phone before having a chance to read everything and telling you...nice job here! The horses drew me back...I so miss my beasts... so I will be back to ride the range=love your ponies.

O i have poop on my blog too...must be in the air?
tho mine is a video of mite doing the nasty on a honeybee...

dontcha think we'd hesitate before putting beeswax lipstick on our lips if ya told them beeswax comes like the furry things from the owl... spit from female worker bees....mmm good.

Sue said...

Girl, you had me scared there, I too was feeling so sad for you, my heart almost stopped!!! Don't do that again!!! And shame on him for going elsewhere for soap!!

Alpicks Treasures said...

Hats off to you on your story. You had me going and feeling bad. I am glad its not real. So tell him to pack that bar away because your is comming out!

Kentucky Gal said... had me going...I admit it...I was ready to flail him for ya...with my feather!!
Is there no shame??

Tracey said... this may have been playing wolf...maybe just a little. I guess I'd better not do it much, though, or you'll not come running to my aid, eh? :D

A roll in the clover; how I wish I'd thought of that! Terribly clever. And yes, poo is definitely in the air...although I found mine was actually barf...or vommit, whichever term grosses you out more. I'm totally into the shock factor, in case you hadn't guessed!, be careful with that feather...I think City Boy may actually like it... :D :D

RoseMary said...

Poor Tracey, I guess it had to happen eventually. Nothing to do but get it out in the open with him and make him THROW IT AWAY!

Ellen said...

i'll be your scat sistah
and I'm not talking ella fitzgerald

smilnsigh said...

You are soooooooooooooo cute! I love it.


PEA said...

It's my first time here and I thought, oh no, all I need is to hear that someone's marriage ended today...LOL! Love it! Tracey, thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, much appreciated:-) Hugs xox

Susie Q said...

This was just so funny! I am so enjoying your writing...reading through all your posts and just loving it!
Your family and animals are splendid, as are you! I will be back often and am so glad to have you here!

KimbaLee said...

So........I love the soap! My friends and I wanted to start making / selling soap!
And I'm SO glad he wasn't actually cheating! :)