Thursday, March 1, 2007

More good stuff

Are you looking forward to finding out what all is in the Come Clean prize basket? Well, here are a couple of goodies you can expect to be enjoying should you off up the best embarrassing moment! The Cocoa Latte coffee scrub is full of super moisturizing butters, cocoa, coffee and even rose petals! Manna Milk and Silk is a thick, rich cream created with sheep milk, silk amino acids and a bit of beeswax to help form a protective layer on your skin. And then there's the Wild About Pepper lotion, rich in shea butter and with our popular sandalwood vanilla fragrance...yummy! Of course, there's much, much more stuffed into that basket, so it's quite worth coming clean!

I had a lovely little chat with my grandmother yesterday. She said she'd been getting a good chuckle over some of the blog entries here and wanted to share a couple of embarrassing moments. Not her own, you know, but moments that friends of her's had shared (naturally...why would she share her own with me? She knows what she says runs the risk of ending up here!) I'll likely get them half wrong in the translation, but you'll get the idea..

Story number one happened years ago, back when life was still in black and white. She worked at a hotel downtown, and there'd been a bit of snow. A young woman who was newly married didn't want to drive herself to work that day, so she asked her hubby to bring her in. Obviously, being the still doting husband, he obliged. He drove to town and dropped her off, then headed back home. Much to his, his gas tank was quite low. Normally not an issue...unless it's so low that you run out of gas. Still not tragically embarrassing, unless it happens to be the late 1950's and you're a man still wearing your pajamas...

Second story is a bit more recent. Seems a woman was hustling to get somewhere (Grandma does not recall where), rushing about the house trying to get herself ready. Her skirt, she realized, needed to be pressed, so she quickly grabbed her ironing board and iron, setting it up with the skirt ready to be worked on as soon as the iron heated up. She ran and did her makeup, grabbed a bite to eat, grabbed her coat and rushed off to town. Um...have you guessed? She got to where she was going and realized she was wearing her slip, but no skirt, under her coat!

I'm thinking the backwards skirt isn't much of a big least I had it on! There seems to be a theme here with you ladies and your skirts... =) I, personally, have run out of embarrassing moments to share...being as how I'm practically perfect and all (and being as how Grandma isn't likely to share any of my embarrassing moments for fear of reading her own here...) I'm going to leave you to confess a few more moments today, and I'll let y'all know Friday who's come the cleanest. In the meantime, enjoy a few photos that were taken in my neck of the woods over the past few months!

Quiet Storm enjoys a run across the pasture.

Sunset on the bay.

Old train tacks have seen their better days.


Sue said...

Now is that yummy scrub to eat? LOL I love all the photos today, such good shots of your surroundings. Good eye!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those products have left me drooling! Beautiful pictures.

I'm getting a kick out of everyone's stories. :0)


Alpicks Treasures said...

You have such nice pictures on your blogg today. The scrub look yummy too. Have a good day!

RoseMary said...

I'm pleading the fifth ammendment (that is right, isn't it?) on the embarrassing story, but those pictures are great!