Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dodson's IGA

We live in between towns. And by towns, perhaps I ought to clarify. One is a city; it comes complete with a mall and I-5 running through it's center. The other is...well...a hick town. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing the matter with a hick town. In fact, Darling is ready to move there.

The hick town in question has all the amenities one could want. At least, according to Darling. There's a post office, a gas station, a casino. I've never seen a fire truck there, but we did see Hick Town police officers dining at the greasy spoon, so there must be a police department. I'm not sure why they'd need more than just a few officers because the town is only five blocks long. I think Barney Fife could handle the job most days.

Darling loves hick towns. Darling loves Dodson's IGA even more!

Aside from these amenities, there is the grocery store. Dodson's IGA. Dodson's has been doing business out there for something like 100 years. Or maybe that's just how old the founder is? They have everything you could want at Dodson's. Need to pick up the makings for a salad? They've got the goods. Got a late night craving for some ice cream? No problem, their freezer is stocked with dozens of varieties. Need to dig a trench? You'll find shovels at Dodson's.

Darling loves Dodson's; she insists on stopping there nearly every afternoon after school. They've got a terrific selection of soft drinks there, and not just the kind in a can, either. No, you can get the real fancy stuff that comes in a glass bottle!

A couple months ago Darling and I decided we wanted to make some cheese. Trouble was, we didn't have any cheese cloth. I had to decide...did I want to run into the city? Or drive out to Dodson's and risk them not carrying cheese cloth. Darling looked at me like I was insane. Of course Dodson's would have cheese cloth, she insisted. So out we drove. We looked all over the bloomin' store for the cheese cloth. I couldn't figure out where they'd put it; the store isn't organized like your usual grocery. Then again, your usual grocery doesn't carry shovels. We finally asked, and found the cheese cloth in the tool isle. If you ever stop there and need cheese cloth, you'll find it next to the paint brushes, just beneath the screw drivers. Should you be an electrician, Dodson's will carry tape for you. I think it's next to the produce. Duct tape? Across from the jam. Or somewhere in that area.

The other day Darling and I stopped to grab a bag of chips on our way through Hick Town. "I wonder where they keep the chips?" asked Darling. "Probably across from the pitch forks, " I said with a chuckle. Darling nodded, "Makes sense." I'm not sure how it made sense. I had no clue where the pitchforks were, but Darling headed down the isle, found the pitchforks and did an about face. Potato Chips! Darling smiled, and said, "Mom, can we get a pitchfork while we're here?"

And to be honest, I never thought I'd be buying a pitchfork at the grocery store...but hey, it's a Hick Town!


Connie Peterson said...

I love 'hick towns' ... and it is great that yours has that great grocery store... ours has a nice one but there are no pitchforks there. And probably no cheese cloth. Speaking of, I use old pillowcases for cheese, etc ... work great!


Dixie said...

I want to shop at Dodson's!! I'm jealous!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

ahhhh! I LOVE hick towns! I've been to several way up north in Maine near the Canadian border! I think my town needs a Dodson's... we don't have any grocery stores in the town I live in. Just a couple family-run little mini marts.

Beth said...

i love hick towns, coming from one myself. thanks for reading my blog!

Darling is adorable.

Sue said...

Ok, I'm a fan of hick towns too, and have several within 30 miles of us that I love to go visit the flea markets and little shops too. Dodsons sound great!

RoseMary said...

Hey, I live outside of "Hicktown, USA"! No pitchforks at our store, but you can buy seeds and bedding plants.

Tracey said...

Rosemary, honey...all grocery stores sell those! Of course, you'd have to get outside of your hick town in order to know that =)

Connie...old pillow cases? A great idea!

Leann said...

OMG you are so crack me is like that in a country store.
we had one down the road from our was so cool all the things they had.
keep up the cool posts I love stopping by.
Im still going to order some of your soaps.they sound heavenly.but it may have to wait till next month.Ill have more cash then.
God bless you country girl.

Beach Girl said...

In some ways it's sort of like that out here, but we do have a "real" grocery store (although I prefer the little markets).

The hysterical thing for me living here was going to the drug store to get the tag for my car. Gotta love that one. In fact, the whole DMV thing was a hoot!


Wisconsin Crunchy Mama said...

Our version of Dodson's has grocery (complete with 50 varieties of cheese...this is Wisconsin afterall), liquor store, hardware store, and gas station ~ all in one. And when hunting season rolls around you can register your deer or bear there as well. So handy! It's quite safe to say this is a hick town ~ woohoo!

Anonymous said...

I live in hick town and actually worked at dodson's for a while in the deli. i think they might be the number one employer of high school students. I was searching them on google to find their address and when i saw that you wrote about dodson'd i had to read it. well just to say, dodson's is the most oddly organized grocery store ever, it's also a little overpriced.

Jonathan Rowe said...

I grew up in that 'hick town' and after traveling the world in the Navy, I miss it. probably 80% of the food I ate before the age of 12 came from Dodson's. I used to rent movies and Nintendo games there. I'll have to swing through on my trip home next month, my pitch fork has gotten a little dull and needs replacing anyway.

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