Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Fashion Diva


Congratulations, Rachel, on your winning entry! There were many terrific entries, but this one caught my eye.

With such a fashionable boot for inspuration, I just couldn't resist a little fashion diva expose here. Take a look at Darling, all dolled up along with our head of Homeland Security, Rufus. Darling reminds me of Little Orphan Annie with her red wig.

Unfortunately, her fashion sense really hasn't changed much over the past few years. She still makes, er, interesting choices. Coloring is one of her favorite activities, and if she's not drawing on walls (no clue who she may have inherited that gene from) or her hands, she's coloring on her clothing. Note the skirt. Typically, she'll have a pair of jeans on beneath it. And then she'll wear the whole outfit out in public.I'm not sure how she comes by this sense of fashion. Surely it couldn't be from my side of the family. I's not like she's got them on backwards or anything. I'm the height of fashion, starting promptly when I fall out of bed in the morning. The sheep love seeing me coming out to feed in my flannel sheepie pj's with my knee high rubber boots. The horses don't appear to mind, either. And that trucker that slid into the ditch as he was driving past? Well, obviously he was quite awestruck by my early morning fashion choices.

But back to Darling... She informed me she wants to color her hair. Blue.

I don't think so, dearie. It looks much better purple! But you're right about blonde; it's not your color.

I was flipping through some blogs earlier and came across a whole slew of them dedicated to, of all things, fashion! What a silly topic to spend your day on, I thought. Then I looked at the photos. Good golly, those high end fashion divas are dressed just like Darling!

So the next time you see my kid out there and wonder where the heck she learned to dress like that, well, I don't mean to brag or anything, but she inherited that gene from me. And if you think she's dressed a bit odd? Just remind yourself she's on the cutting edge of fashion!


Beemoosie said...

How come we can't see your sheepie pjs?
Darlin is Darling!!

Sue said...

Congrats Rachel, i'ts perfect!!!! Love the name!

Dixie said...

Congrats Rachal! That is a good one!

Maybe Darlin will grow up and make big bucks wearing other peoples strange designs. Or maybe she'll be the one designing them!!

Connie Peterson said...

I doubt if Darlin will make a good model .. after all, she SMILES and has a healthy look to her! Did you notice the looks of those models?? Euueeew! I wouldn't want MY daughter to look like them!!!

Congrats, Rachel, on your good name for the boot. Now if I can only win the sheep birthday contest!!! Go, girl, go!!! 25th, 25th, 25th!!!

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Poor ole Rufus. The things kids do to our precious pets. It was toooooo cute. I loved the pictures of Darling. She dances to the beat of her own drum. Tell her to keep on dancing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PEA said...

InSPURation....I love it!! Congrats to Rachel for thinking up such a perfect name for the photo!! Your daughter is such a cutie patootie...she's got style, that's for sure:-) Oh, ok, I'll guess the lambing date for March 14th, my blogiversary!!

Beach Girl said...

Darling is by far the best looking girl on that "runway!"


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rachel!

Darling is not only darling but she has personality to boot!What a cutie!!

Rachel Whetzel said...

Thank you, Thank you very much!
Tell Darling that SHE is DARLING.

Midlife Mom said...

Hey I want to see the sheep pj's! I greet my horses in my Mickey Mouse pj's and they don't mind as long as I'm dishing out the grain!