Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Wild, Wild Day

Name This Photo!

The afternoon was so lovely that I just had to move sheep and let Quiet Storm out to play for a while. I thought you may enjoy seeing Darling's Muddy Monster at play.

Let's run this a-way!

Now we'll trot that a-way...

Snort! I'm done now.

We had issues today. Not that Quiet Storm was bad, she was just feeling good and showing off. City Boy was out working on the gate between paddock and pasture; Quiet Storm felt it necessary to stand nearby and do her Lipizzaner tricks. This created a somewhat nervous City Boy! I didn't blame him, to be honest (and perhaps that's why I was on the other side of the fence?)

Once Quiet Storm settled down and went back to her placid self, I began contemplating allowing Sunny out. Mind you, she hasn't been out of the paddock since she's been here, which was Feb 4. And while I can get her to walk up to me while I've got grain in my hand, she's not the easiest catch in the world.

For those of you who've not read about Sunny, she's our most recent adoption and still a bit on the wild side. She doesn't like to be touched, but she knows who carries out the hay in the morning! I decided to take my chances and bring her out into the field. I've got to tell you, it's a scary thing letting go of a horse after they've spent time cooped up; scarier still when they're wild like Sunny. You just never know if they're going to slow down for fences.

Sunny sniffs green grass for what is probably the first time in over a year.

At first I held onto her lead rope. She snorted a bit (she always snorts), holding her head high. Every muscle was tight as she walked into that pasture. She doesn't lead very well, but she did manage to follow me as I showed her what the fence looked like, praying she didn't just rip right through once loose.

Light on her feet, but listening, she followed me to the front of the pasture, looking at sheep and watching Tait. Then she saw the neighbor's horses, and despite my best efforts, off she went, lead rope flying alongside!

Of course, I was totally calm, cool and collected as she flew down the length of the field, then came back straight at me at a dead run. Totally!

Okay, well maybe not totally. But what could I do? She was loose, she was running, and the only thing I could do was take her picture! So I did.

After several minutes of racetrack action, she finally slowed to a trot and made her victory lap.

Hey, Mom, did I have ya worried?

I let Sunny hang out in the field while I finished up a few other outside chores. She didn't want to be caught and I think it took half an hour before I managed to snag that lead rope. Once I had it, though, she followed me placidly back to the paddock where dinner was waiting.


kim said...

NO, I won't come in yet, Mom!

Sarah said...

The first photo of Quiet Storm..."Dancing in the eye of the storm".
Beautiful horses!

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

I love horses! I had three when I was a kid and still love them just the same. Life's circumstances have not lead to the privilege of owning one again, but I'm now content with dogs and cats.
I have enjoyed reading your blog today! Claudia O.

Rachelle said...

Love the pics. Awfully brave letting Sunny out, but I bet she was great to watch tearing it up out there. They sure can move huh.

As for the name: Stormin' It Up!

Bluepaintred said...

way beautiful photos! as for the nameing portion. Id like to offer up "Bucking Winter" for two reasons.

One, she is shedding her heavy winter coat..right? is that what I am seeing? Do horses shed?

and two. well it snowed here again last night and I said "bucking winter" with one small let(f)ter change when I looked out my window this morning.

Diesel said...

Wow, cool pics. I'm just stopping by from Dorky Dad's. :)

FarmgirlCyn said...

Geez, Louize, those photos are cool! did you mess around with photoshop, or are these straight from the camera? I am lovin what you are doing!!!

~~Mikki Jo said...

Love the pictures!
Title: Rounding up some thunder

Sue said...

Wonderful horse photos Tracey, you really capture the beauty of the beast! As for the title of the first photo, the first thing that came to mind "Dancing with the stars" can you tell I watch the show! lol

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Hey girl. Hope you are enjoying the nice weather. Loved the photos. How about, " Quiet Alive". Isn't it cool just to watch them play. I know today mine were full of pi%$ and viegar. They were full of it. It's going to be an interesting trip this afternoon. Have a great week and weekend.

Alpicks Treasures said...

Shes very Pretty..

Mary said...

Spring Fever


deb said...


I miss having horses and thoroughly enjoy your wonderful pictures !

photo name ideas....

"Yippee, spring has sprung"

"Spring's in the air"

"Spring's A Com'in"

"Is it spring yet ? "

Oh well...guess I can't wait till it acts like spring....about a week and a half till lambs start arriving ...can't wait !!
Is Taffy moaning and groaning yet ?
When is Bessie due ?

Leann said...

love all the pictures I been busy and didnt get back to you tell now.love the little lamb in the grass picture.and all the rest.and the storys of the work around your place.
I just love your blog you have a way with words girl.you shoulf write a book.awesome blog.God bless you friend.have a great week.

Tracey said...

Wow, some wonderful submissions here! I'm going to have a tough time choosing.

Farmgirlcyn, no messing around with these. Just trying to snap them without getting run over, lol! Glad you like them =)

RoseMary said...

Oh, I loved this post, Tracey! Now I want a Mustang!

Anonymous said...

Lilpunkin here from Maryjanes-

For your "name that picture", the first thing that came to my mind was YEE-HAW!!!

So thats the title I am suggesting. YEE-HAW!!!

PEA said...

Such gorgeous pictures!! I've only ever ridden a horse once in my life and being terrified of heights, I didn't enjoy it! lol I love to watch them, though, especially when they're running. Sunny looks like she was really enjoying herself!!!