Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm sick...sniff!

They've all had it; City Boy, Darling, and the Geek Boy. They've all been sick, coughing and sputtering all over me for a full week now. I've done my best to ward it off, but my body just couldn't fight it any longer. It's wet out, it's cold out, and I tend to spend too much time out in the wet cold. And my immune system finally said 'no more'.

But despite this, I know that you all are awaiting another days worth of lambie pie photos, and I can't bear to disappoint you! So without further ado...lambies!

Name me and WIN!

Despite several attempts, no one was able to guess the correct lambing date on Taffy. So, we'll just have to find another way to give the prize out! And that would be giving this dear sweet boy a name. His mother, of course, is Taffy. His father is Carrot. The breed is East Friesian, which is German (or Finnish or Dutch, but most often German.)

The prize includes, but is not limited to, the following: One hand felted lamb, perfect to stuff into some one's Easter basket or set upon a bed. A jar of sheep milk Manna, milk and silk Heavenly Body Butter, a bar of Ewe Stink sheep milk soap (the soap doesn't stink, silly!) and plenty of other goodies. All in all, a $50 value! So put on your thinking caps and offer up a name for our sweet little guy!

Yesterday Alice the Cat decided to accompany me out to the shed to watch the proceedings. Normally hanging out in the rain is not on her to do list, but she realized that everyone else was there, so something important must be happening. Sure enough, there were slimy things making noises!

Taffy is not so sure that a cat should be allowed in the birthing suite. She gives Alice the 'stare down' glare and stomps her foot. This technique works with most would be lambie assassins in the barn yard, but Alice pays no heed. She's wondering what lamb chops taste like.

Look, there's something hanging off the back end of this slime ball!

Kill it! Kill it!

Oops! A bit too close! Taffy charges and Alice jumps away from the target.

Aahhh...they just want to be friends! Alice doesn't appear to mind the blood and slime all over the little one. In fact, she appears to rather enjoy it!

This morning the lambs are bouncing about and a bit cleaner (thankfully! I know you all were rather disgusted yesterday!)

Here's Mr. Droopy Ears. No, that's not really his name. Darling has yet to give him a name. Well, she did try, but I vetoed Gollum. I mean, I didn't want my lamb wandering around saying 'My Precious' and talking to itself!

Did you know little lambies will try to nibble on solids so soon? Amazing, isn't it? Now, if the weather would just begin to cooperate, they'd be able to go outside and play. But for now, they've got enough space in their cozy little shed to bounce and drive mamma crazy.

Now, I do believe I'll go take some drugs and drift off into lala land for the night. Hope you've enjoyed the pics, and don't forget to leave a comment with your name suggestion! =)


Gail said...

I'm glad I came back to your site this morning....such dear little creatures. I was going to post a comment last night and I got kicked off line??? I've missed so much here the past few days. Right off the top of my (not so awake yet brain) all I can come up with for now is U-Bet, if something else comes to me I'll be back.

Gail said...

I got so lost in the name thing I forgot to say, sorry you are sick I pray God will touch and restore you quickly. AND I LOVED the pictures with kitty and the sheep, prize winning shots there girl.

Sarah said...

Great photos. So like a cat to barge in! :)
My name choice for her gorgeous fluffiness is...Dottie.

Feel better!

Connie Peterson said...

Loved the cat pictures!!! And you are right, Gollum is NOT a name to tag onto something sweet and "precious" (if I might mention) ... I hope you get better, soon.

And the name?? Hmm .. Carrot Taffy - not a flavor I would chose .. I love the pink ears but Sweetie Pie or Pinkie is not a boy's name. But something sweet as well as "manly." My husband loves carrot cake ... and it's sweet as well as spicy (and manly?) ... so, after the ramblings of a sleepy brain, I vote for ...........

Carrot Cake (said together rather fast ... carrotcake ... carrotkake ... carrokake)...


Vicki said...

Ohh I have a blog crush on you now. Honest to goodness blog crush. How did we exist so long apart?

I have a sligh flare for dramatics.

Your pictures are just devine.

I would name the lamb Thomas because he looks like Thomas from Chronicles of Narnia.

Sarah said...

Ok I didn't realize the lamb was a boy. Feel silly.
So while Dottie is still a name I love for a sweet lil lamb, I guess I should pick a boy's name huh?
I like Willie.

Rachelle said...

LOL I love the cat pics. Those curious creatures put thier noses everywhere.

That little lamb is so adorable. Both of them are just the cutest things. And they look so much better (if that's possible) without all the goo.

Now for a name... I'm on such a streak lately...

Boy lamb name (I know not german or even food related, but it is Irish and he was born during the Irish month): Liam.

More pics please.

Tracey said...

What a pleasure to drag my weary arse out of bed this morning and find so many suggestions already!

Gail, thank you for the prayer, I'm certain it's already working =)

Kahshe Cottager said...

I just couldn't resist ... How about Rambeau ???


He is just too adorable for words! I really enjoyed the baby photos.

Hope you are feeling better soon Tracey!

Diesel said...

I was just talking about getting a sheep or goat to take care of my weeds in my back yard (it's a huge back yard). Maybe I should start with a felt sheep (although I think feeling sheep is a crime in this county).

East Friesian, huh? I should be able to come up with a decent name, being 1/4 Friesian (and 3/4 Dutch). I know of at least one old Dutch guy who goes by the name Buzz. That seems like a good name for a sheep.

Now come play in my caption contest!

Sharon Lynne said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! How very kind of you to put up these wonderful pictures when you weren't feeling well. The cat segment is funny and cute!

Thank you for your encouraging note on my post. I had second thoughts on leaving such a post, so I logged back in to delete it. Then I saw your comment. I think maybe God wants me to humbly leave it there.

Sharon Lynne said...

Oh I forgot to leave a name. I love some of the names already suggested. I would choose "Sunflower". But I think it sounds to girlish for him.

Bodge said...

I like "Shaun" for a sheep - gedditt?!LOL

Hope you're better soon.

Bluepaintred said...

hows' about tarrot? LOL

Anonymous said...

Just love your blog and the pics of the lambies. My pic for a name is Fluffy Butt.

Patsy said...

Sorry, I hit the wrong button. Don't mean to be anonymous. Lol.

Tammy said...

Looks like "Minnie" to me!
And the other with the droopy ears is "Flopsy"!
I hate that you have the crud!! I am finally licking it and feeling better...3 weeks...sigh!!
Take care!

Sue said...

Hope you get feeling better soon Tracey, I guess your not immune? It seemed like when alot of us had the crud, you never did! My name for the cute fellow is "Mr.French" or "Frenchie" Too cute!!!

Tammy said...

sorry I thought the first one was a nix "Minnie"...hehe!

I say....Mompsy!


Josie said...

Omigosh, those are the cutest pictures I have ever seen, ever, ever, ever!

I'll have to give some thought to a name.

I hope you're feeling better soon.


Tracey said...

Oh, what a bunch of clever names you're all coming up with! This will be difficult...

Thanks for the well wishes. I slept three hours today; it sure felt good!

The GateKeeper said...

This is soooo sweet here. Poeple are praying for your health and naming your your little lambs. Cool. My daughter says the name should be "Lamb Chop." Sorry. She also said, Hercules or Little Nilla Cake (Vanilla)...or how 'bout Cowboy?

Hehehehe, get better soon.

Julie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. What beautiful pictures. I think that sweet little boy looks like a Leo - that's my vote. Leo the Lamb.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't East Friesen sheep come from Denmark too? Well he's a handsone enough little guy he needs a strong Germanic title and name, Baron Von Milchschaf (milk sheep) Call him Schaffer for short. A German occupational name for a steward, it also means watchful. Not bad for a ram.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read you're not well. Hope you feel better.

Andrea said...

Adorable Audie. Ferdie (Ferdinand) was a German acquaintance of mine. It also reminds me of the peaceful bull, and if you're going to keep this little one intact, maybe it will help him keep his good manners.. And the only other German name that comes to mind for some reason is Uwe. I am so not good with names.

He is adorable!

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Tracey said...

Ah...such an assortment of names! I'll be handing the selection over to Darling; she's got a few favorites =)

Lamb Chop...hahaha...Darling named one of last year's lambs Pork Chop!

Rachel Whetzel said...

Ohhhhhhh Tracy! It is soooo cute! i won't even attempt to think a name. i am SOOOO tired. I hope you are up and better SO SOON.

Kahshe Cottager said...

Well. I couldn't sleep last night and so took to counting sheep ... which turned into little lambs frisking in a meadow. If that wasn't enough, I had to start naming them ... Tuffy and Parnsip (afer Mom and Dad) and then remembered ... these little lambs are from Bucking Lamb Palace! They are Royal Princlings ... Woolyum and Hairy! After that, I got out a book!

Gail said...

Tracy, I just had to come back and read all of these comments when I saw that you had picked a winner...great choice, cong. to Ross----I had a bunch of fun reading these, this was fun, got any more babies we can name?