Saturday, March 24, 2007

She's got spurs, they Jingle, Jangle, Jingle!

"I like the way they jingle when I walk", giggle giggle.

Darling discovered spurs today. I'd pulled out an old pair that's not been in service for years, thinking I'd stick them on the back of a boot and take a picture or two. That wasn't going to happen with my little Imelda around. The boots went onto her feet and the spurs onto the boots. And there they stayed throughout the day. She liked the way they jingled when she walked (giggle giggle.)

Darling and Rocket out in the rain...jingle jangle (giggle giggle.)

Did I mention it's been raining here a bit? You'd think we had a trout pond out in the driveway at the moment. Normally not a problem, this non-stop, round the clock winter of rain has the whole Pacific North WET under water. Thankfully, we're no where near as bad as other areas of the county. Still, a little reprieve would be nice.

Head of Homeland Security got a hair cut. He doesn't seem to mind being out in the rain without his coat. Just like a kid, eh? Darling also didn't mind being out in the rain today. Especially since she was jingling everywhere she went. One of our stops was at my trainer friend's, where I snapped this pic of the inside of that bull for you. If you missed that post, he drives the bull while his clients work their cutting horses. He can get this thing to whirling around pretty good, giving the horses a good workout (or easy one, if that's what they need.)

I slipped inside the tack room for a picture of the bridles hanging on the wall. I'm not totally thrilled with the photo, but it's late so I'm not going to fiddle with it right now. Each horse has his (or her) own bridle. If you take a close look, you'll see a whole slew of different bits (the mouth piece) in them. And way off to the left there is a hackamore, also called a bosal, that has no bit. Some horses work well with one kind of bit, others need something different. There's no one size fits all...kinda like shoes. We all need a different size or width, or feel comfortable with a different heel or sole.

Darling feels comfortable in spurs, evidently, attached to her boots. Here she is again, out playing in the rain with her new footwear. The spurs were still jingling, even when they got wet (giggle giggle.)

After driving down into the neighboring county, I didn't feel so bad about my driveway puddle. It could be worse. Look at this! A sure sign of spring is that yellow growing up in the swampy, roadside water. It's bright, yellow and visually attractive. That is, until you know what it is, or get close enough to smell it. The plant is known as skunk cabbage, and it smells like both!

You can actually see the white line of the road in this shot, and the water right up alongside it. There are several side roads underwater right now due to our heavy rains. I believe they've had some flooding up in Canada, eh, as well.

After leaving my friend's place, we headed to a shop where we picked up some pretty papers to make a scrap book. Yes, Darling jingled, jangled, jingled and giggle, giggled her way through the store. And despite her request, I managed to not bring the camera in and take pictures of the event. Although, I'm rather regretting that now...giggle, giggle!


Connie Peterson said...

I used to wear spurs for my second horse (Miss Lazy was her nickname) but they were just buttons .. not jingle jangle (or giggle giggle). How fun to have something so simple be so much fun!!!

My daughter and son-in-law live in Federal Way, WA and it has been very rainy there, too.


Marion said...

I loved this brought back memories for me with the shot of the bridles.

How beautifully you portrayed your daughter's personality! I can hear her...she looks to be about my granddaughter's age. For sure there's much giggle, giggling going on!

And yes, it would be so nice if the rain let up...we have major flooding and landslides here on Vancouver Island. I think Vancouver got more rain than we did, though.

patches said...

A lovely glimpse of that age. I can hear the giggles placed against a backdrop of steady raindrops.

Susie said...

What a sweet peek at your daughter!
She's so adorable!
You've really had the rain! I'll send you some of our CA sunshine!!

Sandy said...

Darling looks great in her spurs and the head of homeland security is sure a cute pup.
Maybe you should stock your driveway.

deb said...

What a wonderful day and life that you and Darling share..she is darling !!

Dorky Dad said...

Oh, man. I wish I had spurs. I'd put spurs on all my shows, especially my work shoes. I'd walk around the office, spurs jingling. And I'd walk slow and tough-like. And now and then I'd spit.

Beach Girl said...

When my middle son was little he'd say things sort of backwards.

On that note, I'll use one of his little guy terms. We sometimes get "rain pours" like that too; everything is one big puddle
.....especially after a Nor'Easter or hurricane.


Vicki said...

I like the tack picture. Sharpen it a little bit and it will pop just a tad more.

I love pictures like that. We seem to have the same eye. (Are yours blue too?)

Do you have flickr?