Monday, March 5, 2007

Will the Meeting Please Come to Order

Goofy self portrait...
No, Grandma, I don't have too much time on my hands!

Ahem...Excuse me...May I please have your attention? I realize many of you are enjoying the blog parties, what with all the cool prizes being handed out and all... However, it's time for the Carpenter Creek Junkie Meeting to come to order...

Old Business

Contests: I've got two of them going right now.

First one, guess Taffy's lambing date. I expect it to be sometime in March, but hey, no guarantees! I'll accept your guesses thru Thursday, March 9. After that, it's just a wait and see game. Winner gets a couple bars of sheep milk soap and a cream. Woo Hoo, eh? (I did that for those of you who speak Canadian, eh, so you don't feel left out. I'm afraid I don't know any other foreign languages, so if there are some of you from other countries, please don't feel left out or hurt. I'm only bi-lingual; American and Canadian English...)

Second one, name the boot photo from yesterday's post. There are a few good entries already. I'll be announcing a winner on Winsday (naturally!) Winner gets some note cards'll just have to wait until it gets to you.

Boot pic needs a name!


Okay, I didn't call it 3-Clicks before, but I have mentioned that I enjoy tripping through blogland via your comments. So I'm going to challenge all of you to go three clicks from this blog, via comments, to see what you can see out there! Come back later in the week, let's say over the weekend, and share an interesting new blog you may have found that was three clicks from here.

Booger Blog Award

Since you'll be visiting new blogs, take note of those that may be Booger worthy! I'll be asking you later in the week for the funniest blogs you've come across; we'll then list them at the beginning of next week and voting shall begin. Of course, the nominees will be warned that they may be getting a booger...they'll be startled, concerned, and perhaps afraid....very, very afraid...

New Business


Shea Butter handmade soap; Desert Sunrise pictured

Because I've received a few requests, I'll be putting together a page with my soaps, lotions and other products on it for those who are interested in looking, copying, or hopefully spending money. I'd do one of those hidden pagie thing-a-ma-bobs, but I don't know how. If I could, I would be a page within blogger and you could just click the link. But as I'm not that smart, I'll just do a separate blog and give y'all the link. (This is a pathetic cry for help...does anyone else know how to do those hidden pagie thing-a-ma-bobs? I'm sure that's the technical term...)

Shea Butter lotion created to support our Wild Horses

Now, listen up... This is important. I visited a blog and forgot to write down who's it I can't find my way back! They'd posted a thing on housekeeping, and I commented that I'd try to do it here on Tuesday. Well, brain on pause...can't find the blog nor recall who's it was. So if it was yours, and you're here to see what I do, I'm sorry. Really, really sorry. My brain is out to lunch, and it's not even lunch time. Please forgive me, point me towards your blog and I promise I'll answer the housekeeping questions... Of course, if the person with the housekeeping questions never reads this, then you'll all be spared the trauma of knowing anything more than you already know about my stellar habits...


Since you missed out on of my housekeeping, I'll offer up this for today's entertainment instead. Be sure to post the results!


cityfarmer said...

"Booty-ful of Yellow"

Connie Peterson said...

I am a sponge Bob dunce ... never watched him, never saw anything at all about him except some dumb ads. But I think that your lamb will come on March 27th ....

I love your soaps!!

Rachel Whetzel said...

I am a SpongeBob SUERHERO and my genious is showing! LOL I'll be putting THAT one on my blog! I would LOVE to do that swap with you, and.... inSPURation... That's my vote for the boot.


Dixie said...

I used to loooove Spongebob! No I'm not in my thirties!! Who told you that?

Tracey said...

Connie, you'll need to pick a different lambing date, as the 27th was chosen yesterday.

Here's a list of the dates selected so far:

March 15; Jean
March 20; Dixie (it's her birthday!)
March 27; Bluepaintred
March 31; Yellow Mama
April 1; Rachelle
April 2; E-less

see you there! said...

Okey dokey... I gotta win something.

March 19th for the lamb's arrival

"That was a wild ride" for the boots.

I can't do the blog link thing 'cause I'll be outta town.

Now for the page link within the blog. I couldn't find an e-mail for you and the instructions, when I write them are kinda long. Send me an e-mail ... dbande7th (at) hotmail (dot) com ... and I'll tell you how it works for me. I use Blogger too.


Leann said...

I would like to know what kinds of soaps you make.I buy them from places around but the place I get it is 2 and half hours you sell them?God bless.drop over to my blog and leave me the message.

Sue said...

Tracey put me down for March 17, a St. Patty's day baby!! As for the boots, " Gold diggers" or how about "Rustic gear"??? I dont' know!

Midlife Mom said...

Hey Tracey! Glad you stopped by, how did you find me way up here in Maine?? I LOVE bloggers that have horses! I LOVE reading their stories of mishaps and all. The one with the guy jumping off just in time is unbelievable, WOW, how frightening that must have been! Love the boots, I think the pic caption should be: "Are you calling me yella, cowboy?" Loved the pics with the mechanical cow, never saw that before. What a hoot! Wish I'd heard about the clothing mishap contest, I would have had a sure winner for you. Come by again, I'll be reading you regularly from now on!!

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Hey Tracey, I was gonna guess the 20th but its already taken. So... I say the 26 since its one of my daughters b-day. Dass did just fine. I didn't push her but held her back and she was swinging her head trying to get away from me to go. I ran a 16.336. I was out of the money but hey, it felt good just running. I hit the rodeo circuit this weekend. Guess What!! Jon Brandon rode for 8 seconds. Man, what a ride. He also fell out of the money too, guess we are just 'crack babies' seems to be where we are falling.
gotta a new picture from this weekend on my blog.

smilnsigh said...

The 3-Clicks thing. Nope. Not gonna's do it!!! Cause I do that skipping around in Comments all the time and by now, I have 3 Zillion neat blogs to visit and I can't, can't, can't find even ONE more!!!!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!! ,-)

Actually, it's true. I do find blogs, from Comments and I do have 3 Zillion already. :-) Eeeeeeek!!!!


Connie Peterson said...

All right -- the 25th .. my niece's birthday - actually, two nieces , one from each side of the family - and then my grandmother's birthday, too.

So, tell her to drop on the 25th!!!


Mary said...

I choose March 18- it's my Grandma's birthday!

Wisconsin Crunchy Mama said...

I'm guessing March 13th and naming the picture "Stirrup Sunrise".

Love your blog!

Leann said...

march 30th for me.O and the picture.
dont watch the spong grandkids do but I dont know much about old spong Bob.