Sunday, March 4, 2007

A Day with Miss Banana Head

Happy Birthday, Banana!

Driving the kids crazy, ain't it grand? I've gone and purchased a couple of Dwight Yokum CD's and had to have Darling help me figure out how to get it to work in my computer. When she heard the honkey tonk coming from the speakers she nearly melted like the Wicked Witch when Dorothy tossed a bucket of water on her. I'll have to remember this technique whenever I need to clear a room!

Taffy and Bessie enjoy breakfast

I'm still waiting on Taffy to lamb. Anyone care to offer up a date? I think I'll send a couple bars of sheep milk soap, and perhaps a sheep milk cream, out to whom ever can pick the correct date for lambing. Are you up for the challenge? I'm guessing it's in March, but heck, who knows for sure? So offer up your guess in the comments!

Yesterday I brought my niece out with me on my travels. Banana's birthday was last week, she's 9 now; but it snowed so I didn't go to her party. She was horribly disappointed, but I suspect we made up for that yesterday. We went south to pick up Pokey, the ram, from his visit with the ladies. While there, Banana got to visit with Sugar, the donkey.
Banana and Pacman

Upon leaving the sheep, we headed up the road a couple miles to my friend Linda's where we were lucky enough to catch Curt and a few of his customers working cutting horses. Curt's the one in the bull (normally, he's just full of it, not filling it...rofl...I crack myself up...)

The bull is used for several reasons, among them that you can work a horse in it's weak areas and you never have to worry about sour cattle (they get bad attitudes after being chased around by a horse, go figure!)

I love this boot, don't you? I'll bet it's owner was wondering what the heck I was so interested in it for, but don't you just dig the color? Okay, I brightened it up a bit. Do you like? I think it needs a name, however. So look, here I've got two little contests going and it's not even Winsday! But yeah, offer up a name, and if I pick your's you'll be getting a set of lovely notecards in the mail, plus something else and I don't know what that is at the moment, but I'm certain you'll love it =)


Rachelle said...

I'm gonna have to say that your sheep will have her lambs on April 1st. All the critters seem to be going a bit late this year (I'm a big fan and I've been watching the mares for months now... sigh... I really need to turn off my computer).

As for the 'name the boot'... well I think you already sort of named it... It's such a beautiful banana fruit yellow, posted in a post about Banana... so... Cowboys Banana Boot... or heck you all can come up with much better ones than me.

I love your blog Tracey. I can't wait to read the next entry. Have a great week.

Jean said...

I'm guessing your babies will come on March 15. Totally a guess because I'm completely ignorant on the subject.
How about "old yeller" for the boot.

Dixie said...

Taffy will lamb on March 20th. I had to pick that date because it's my birthday too!

I'll have to think on a name for that picture.

Rachel Whetzel said...

OK. I'll just say WOW. You've been bloggin like a mad woman! LOL I love reading your posts! Thanks for writing! I love the boot.

Yellow Mama said...

I say 3/31/07 on the new arrivals.

You can't miss seeing those boots!

Alpicks Treasures said...

I did not know that you had a burro? we have wild ones running around here. Love all the pictures, you have been very busy lady... Have a good one.

Connie Peterson said...

Sunset boot .....

I like the pictures of Banana .. sweet looking girl!

Bluepaintred said...

im link hopping and found your blog. i probably wont be able to find it again, I can never remember where i find people. i was wondering about the soaps you make do you have an online shop somewhere?

can you email me at if you do. or leave a message on my blog?

Bluepaintred said...

also, my guess is march 27th for the wee baby lamb

Dixie said...

Ok, my suggestion for the name of the photo is:

Sunrise reflections


These boots were made for......


Dixie said...

Ok, nevermind! I see now that Connie has already put in to name it: Sunset boot.

So I guess my suggestion is just:

These boots were made for......

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing April 2nd on the new lamb.

I just have to add I looooove Dwight Yokum! I just replaced my tapes with CD's. Nothing like a road trip with a little Dwight Yokum and Steve Earle blaring. Heaven!

Happy(late)Birthday Banana!