Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What City Boy Did

Remember when I told City Boy I wanted ducklings? And he gave me grief over it? But yesterday I get home and what do I hear in my rec room? Peeping! City Boy has brought home a box of quackers!

I think this one is brain damaged. It has a funny head. I'd say it was a bad feather day, but City Boy tells me it was a return. Someone returned their duckling! The only reason I can imagine they'd do that is if it were brain damaged. Why else would you return a duckling?

Now, I've got more fun stuff coming tomorrow. Brigget's'll have to come back and see! I'll be springing a surprise contest on you (which isn't so much a surprise if you know one's coming up...but you don't know what it is, right?)
AND...tomorrow I shall announce the Booger Blog nominees! Yes, I did find three blogs out there worthy of snorting a few boogers over. I'll be emailing the unfortunate bloggers tonight to inform them of the news, and a poll is ready for everyone to vote.
NOW.....go give that photo of Alice and Tait a name!


Shabby in the City said...

When my middle boy was two he asked me "what do quack-quacks say Mama?" "Duck,duck,duck" said I.

Lady Of Chaos said...

I love my ducks! I have mostly muscovey ducks. I have just a few peking bluffs, a swedish blue, and a mallard too. I have not seen a single slug since we got our ducks. Why would anyone return a duck? Strange if you ask me.

deb said...

Congrats on your new additions!
Who in their right mind would return baby ducks ??

Looks like the funky headed one must have some crested breed in it's bloodline :)

Anonymous said...

Awwwww! The duckies are so cute!

My Grandma had a "mini-farm", as I liked to call it, when I was growing up. We gave her ducklings one year for her birthday. They grew up to be big ducks and then she let them hatch a batch of ducklings, which each of us grandkids got one to name. Mine was Jerry, but I could never point out which one he was.

Then she got a nanny-goat, some chickens and a horse (which was my aunt's).

She also kept a "large garden" every summer and canned everything she grew in it.

I loved going to her house every summer!

Beemoosie said...

Sounds like City Boy is trying to prove to you he REALLY is a farmboy!!

Sue said...

Good for city boy, they are do cute and such great pictures!! I love the new color background the best so far!!