Friday, March 2, 2007

My first full month of blogging is over (okay, just a little more than a full month), and I'm wondering...what post have you enjoyed the most?

That's me...alluring cleavage and all! (Okay...maybe not...)
If I go from the responses to threads, I'd have to say that the Valentine's Day post concerning owl poop (or barf, as we later found out) was a popular thread. I certainly got raked over the coals for the whole City Boy Cheating thread. You didn't seem to have a problem sharing your clothing malfunctions the other day when I asked for embarrassing moments!

Of course, I've already shared that the searches which find this blog appear to be after bottoms...big ones, at that; and I'm certain they're quite disappointed to find I was merely referencing my poorly manufactured teddy bear.

The oddest search that has shown up was 'she lay decomposing in the creek'... YUK! I'm not sure which page would have popped up in correspondence to that, as I don't recall allowing anything to decompose in my highly monitored watershed of a creek that flows through here. That would just be creepy, anyway. Blecky.

So... have you got a favorite entry here? I'd love to hear what it may be.


Sandy said...

I'm just checking your blog out for the first time -- really interesting and great writing!
My Dad's horse just died, 21 yrs. old. Very sad. Bob was his name and my dtr. had her American Girl bday party at his house and all the girls brought their dolls and rode "Bob." (That was about 2 yrs ago).

Thanks for visiting me!

Tracey said...

Oh, Sandy...I'm so sorry to hear about Bob. I inherited a horse from my mom when she decided to stop riding. We finally put him down at 32. It's tought to lose a good friend like that. I'll be your daughter was heart broken, but at least she made some great memories!

Connie Peterson said...

My favorite was the cheating one ... I haven't been reading you for long, but I check in on you every day, now.

I had a horse when I was first married that I adored ... Sundown. Sunny was a Welsh / Appalousa (spelling) and was small enough for me to get on without much assistance. And he loved me, too. I was broken hearted when I had to give him up.

I haven't ridden since I had my first daughter (35 years ago) and miss it - but it's not been in my path..

Kristen said...

Congrats on your first month of blogging! I just came here from your post on mine (thank you!) and will be sure to bookmark it to come back often! I have really enjoyed reading it!
Love that button/magnet - about both of us can't look good at the same time. I need one of those!

Larry said...

Congrats on your first month blogiversary! Just discovered your site from "genius" comment you left on my blog. Think your booger blog award is brilliant. My guideline as to whether a blog is funny or not is similar -- but it usually involves coca-cola (or soda) spewing from my nostrils while laughing -- gross but true. Stop by anytime.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to pick a favorite, they're all great! I especially liked the one with the tea stuff.

"The oddest search that has shown up was 'she lay decomposing in the creek'... " Eeeeeeeewwwwwwwww!!! Why?!!!