Sunday, March 11, 2007

Shopping for the Perfect Bra

Does this look like a full figure bra to you?

Aside from swim suit shopping, bra shopping has to be my least favorite shopping experience. Wouldn't you agree? Oh, I'm sure some of you have no trouble at all finding a good fitting bra. I'm also pretty sure you need more support for your shoulder blades.

I am a bit 'blessed', as they say...although I'm not really sure it's much of a blessing. The amply endowed of the crowd know what I'm talking about; our buttoned shirts leave large gapping peep shows, our backs hurt from the extra weight, and eventually gravity will take it's toll; in another 20 years we won't have breasts, we'll have hound dog ears.

I've got a few questions for bra manufacturers.

Why are you padding C, D, and DD cup bras? What on earth makes you think we need more padding?

Why do Victoria's Secret models in the full figure section actually wear an A? I don't want to know what an A cup model looks like in a bra.
I'd like an exersize bra that crosses my heart, lifts and separates; not one that gives me a uni-boob.

Why are the prettiest bras created for women who barely have the need to wear a bra at all? Is it so hard to fathom that the rest of us may like to look just a little pretty, too?

Some women are convinced that men must create bras. I disagree. I think men would put more effort into making a product that would flatter those of us with ample blessings. After all, they do tend to be a bit obsessed over that area of our bodies.

No, I'm pretty convinced that women create bras. Tiny, boy-body women who are just jealous of what they haven't got. Well, let me tell you, it aint' no picnic, dearies. The least you could do is allow us a pretty, well fitted bra!


PurpleFlowerFairy said...

AMEN to that blog posting!!!!! LOL! I too, feel your pain. I HATE bra shopping and like you said all of the pretty bras are for woman with no boobs. I don't want too look and feel like a matronly old lady just 'cause I have big boobs. AND, the sagging, hound dog ears have started... LOL! It is definitely not a "blessing" to be blessed in that department... =) Oh, and THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your help with the banner/header instructions. It actually worked for me - Yeah! Now I just have to figure out how to use PhotoShop and then create a lovely banner. Thanks again, Debbie

grnidlady said...

i absolutely hate shopping for a bra!
i've rarely found any that fit much less are comfortable. btw, we never went to see the 300 just ended up going out for sushi and then we rented the movie babel. still want to see the 300 though.

Rachel Whetzel said...

AMEN Sistah!
I'm still wearing AND BUYING nursing bras. I haven't NURSED for two YEARS. But they fit the best, and the twins look MIGHTY nice in them! Just don't take off my shirt.

Tammy said...

echoing your setiments...and I wanna know who was the torture artist that created the "under-wire"???
I hate those...and it is very hard to find one that does not have it!!
"The Victoria Secret" is they have nothing for me/we/us with endowments that cause peep shows...lmbo!!
You are the first blog I visited today...and you put a smile on my face!!!

patches said...

I smiled at this post from beginning to end.....not because of your dilemma, but because flat chicks also suffer from bra fitting issues. The only difference is if the boulder holder, uh I mean pebble prop doesn't offer proper support, back strain isn't an issue. I don't envy you. The Missus has abandon bra hunting, since the Mister seems to enjoy shopping for her.

Rachel said...

It is no fun bra shopping!! I have found that the Bali brand is the best feeling ones for me.

I think you hit the nail on the head with this post!! LOL

Margaret said...

How I agree, One can never be sure of size being accurate as there are variations beteen brands quite often
Shoes and bras can be the bane of a woman's lif.
Cheers Margaret

Rachelle said...

Okay well I guess I'm in the too-skinny, no boob catagory (my husband has bigger boobs than I do - sad, but true).

But I do have to say that those nice fancy bras rarely fit. The cups are always way tooooo BIG, so they get 'dents' in them (yes even on the 'nearly A' cup bras). Yuck. And well I like the sports bras, but they make it so I don't have anything to 'show' at all (not that I have much to begin with). Flat as a pancake... wait a pancake has more width to it then I do in those sports bras, but they are comfy.

I can relate tho. I have a friend who was so endowed that she finally pleaded and begged and fought with her insurance company and they finally agreed to pay for a reduction. They figured it was cheaper in the long run than all the chiro care from the strain. She was in almost constant pain from the weight pulling on her back. By the way, she never shopped at Victoria's secret, she said nothing every fit properly and that she got a better fit and more comfort from a cheapo Walmart version.

So, while I am a little envious (after all you at least have something to 'show') I have to say that bra shopping sucks big time. Even for us less-than-generously endowed.

Leann said...

I am with you girl.I wear a dd and its almost as hard to find a confy one as it is to find one at all.
I get the dumb things home and its like wearing a torture chamber.
you would think people could figure out how the heck to make a flupper stopper with grace.
if yah find some place with pretty bar,s let us know.
fashion bug has them but they are asking more then the national debt for them.God bless.

Dixie said...

I feel ya! I had a breast reduction done in 2001 and I'm still a D cup.

I never considered it a "blessing" to be endowed like that. I had migraines and chronic back pain. That does not a blessing make.

PEA said...

LOL this is too funny...just yesterday I was gone shopping for a new bra and somewhat had the same sentiments as you did! hehe I am one of the "ample" ones in the crowd...a friend of mine once said, you got them, flaunt them...ya I agree but geez make me a good bra that I can flaunt them with!!!