Saturday, March 31, 2007


I was sitting here this morning, minding my own business, checking out comments left on my blog, when a whirring of motion outside on the road caught my eye. What’s this? Uhg…Bowling Day!

Each year the local university holds a big bike race out here in the valley. Why, I don’t know. You’d think they could pick a nice, long, wide, straight road. But no, they find the hills and corners challenging. And they ought to, what with my bowling score.

I gave City Boy a call this morning while I was out for my walk. “Guess what I’m doing?” I asked him.


“Bowling! I’ve already got two strikes!”

“Leave the bicycles alone!”

City Boy is no fun sometimes.

I brought my camera along with me, thinking I may at least try for a few decent shots of the bowling pins as they rushed past me down the road. Wouldn’t you know I had a camera malfunction? My lens had a hard time focusing. I had to take some time to figure out what was wrong with it. Before long, I was distracted by all the other things that I found a great deal more interesting than silly boys in tight fitting spandex riding bowling pins down the road.

Where did this tree come from?

The neighbor just strung a new barbed wire fence.

Look at that fluffy cow scratching her butt with her horns!

Oh, wow! A slug!

Darling and I went ran into the city a little later. We passed by a group of pins on our way.

“You got your seat belt on, Darling?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Open your door, I think I can pick up a spare!”


deb said...

OMG, ewe are too funny (and bad) !!

Leann said...

bowling for collage boys emmmm sounds fun.but you know they dont count for many points.
cross walk bowling counts for more,think its 100 points.then so does side walk bowling for running collage boys.that I think is 120 points.HEEHEE.
I use to have to drive every day to get my girls from school.and every day this collage kid with a very high view of him self.
would walk right out in front of I had a very small white datson guess he thought it was ok to test my breaks.
I told my brother about it when he was still part of the family.

he painted the car three or four colors and put steer horns on the front.
and dripped red pain off the horns down the front of the looked as if I had hit a few collage kids my self.
the next day I came along to get my girls.
the same collage boy came up to the cross walk.took one look at the horns and at me smiling this evil smile,
and he stayed where he was till I got by.I never had problems with him running out in front of me again, and making me put on my breaks for fear Id hit him.

guess he just wasnt sure if this old lady was kidding or not.
I was,and would never hurt anyone.
but figured it just may save his life.making him think "one day I may run out in front of a car with bad breaks'.

thanks for sharing your walk with us its cool.the pictures of the tree and the fence were cool.and the bowling pins very colorfull.
have a great day.

Sienna said...

Men in lycra...I am very partial to men in spandex/ are the luckiest woman in the world to have them in your neighborhood...

Okay gathered my dignity back, so glad you called by the Oz blog, I hadn't saved your site, but now I have, just adore the pics, the lambs, the sheep...I want colored sheep now :)

Not sure if you saw the pics I posted of shearing time, but the sheep are mostly the one color, poll dorset, cross, merinos...lambing is only a couple of months off now.

We have the standardbreds and thoroughbred horses, breed, educate, train and race all of them, we consider ourselves some of the luckiest people on earth, living in the country with our animals and getting so much enjoyment from them.

Sheep milk and cheese is very much starting out, boutique industry here, but the people that do it are passionate and devoted to their sheep too...just love pics of the sheep! Yes, I am a sheepaholic...:)


cityfarmer said...

Three pounds and cou ting since my salad post, but whose counting...I am!!!

Love the little lambie photo on your sidebar.

smilnsigh said...

I prefer nature shots, to the spandex guys too. They just don't look manly enough, to me.

Now, spandex on football players! _That_ is diff story!!!!



Anonymous said...

Bowling... that's funny!