Sunday, April 1, 2007

Tracey to Brain...Come In, Brain...

Ever had one of those days? You know, the kind where your brain just runs off and leaves you stranded? Well, I'm having one of those mid-lifes. It's called Menopause. I know we've talked about it before; about how my brain is on pause and all. But golly, I wish my brain would check with me before it took off.

It wouldn't be so bad if I could find it when I needed it. The dog runs off sometimes as well, but I can pretty much be assured that I will find her across the creek at the neighbors where she likes to help with the landscaping.
My brain has been missing for a few days now, so this morning I waded across the creek to see if it'd gone with the dog and accidentally gotten buried during a gardening incident. I thought perhaps it would hear me calling and start thumping from beneath a fresh patch of dirt. I figured a dirty brain was better than no brain at all. Alas, no such luck.

Brain not found with dog across creek.

I'm thinking about putting an ad in the paper. "Lost, one brain, slightly damaged." I'm not sure about offering a reward; what do you think? I may get someone trying to pass someone else's runaway brain off on me in hopes of getting the reward money. And I wouldn't want that; the other brain may be worse than mine! Then again, probably not. Perhaps I'd get an upgrade?

In any case, here are the repercussions of a runaway brain these past few days:

First, there's the issue of my surprise contest with the naming of the lamb. Becky, congratulations! You had an adorable name, and I forgot all about it. I'll need to get in touch with you so I can send you your prize.

Mamma Loves Ewe!

Second, I forgot to post who won the Booger Blog Award yesterday. Oh, The Joys... Congratulations! Dorky Dad and Diesel did their best, but obviously they weren't able to buy~er, encourage~enough votes to pull out ahead of you.

Third...this morning I got an email from Margery. She had three ewes up here last fall to be bred; perhaps you recall my bringing one of the boys back down to her place a couple months ago? Anyway, she emailed to let me know that her ewe, Lady, lambed yesterday! Twin ewe lambs (why did she get ewes while I got the rams, I'd like to know?), one black and one white.

Needless to say, I was excited and wanted to get down and take pictures of them. I changed my clothes (make that into my clothes) and headed towards the freeway. About halfway there, I realized the truck felt rather empty. Darling wasn't with me, but it was more than that, it was...EEEK! My camera wasn't with me! So back to the house I went.

Fourth...on my way home from the lambs I decided to pick up a few groceries. Filled up my cart (I forgot about the few part) and went to the check out line where I realized I'd forgotten to bring any form of money along with me. No debit or credit or cash or checkbook on me, in my truck, tucked inside my shoe... So I had to drive home and get some money and then go back to pay.
If you happen to spot my brain wandering around, will you let it know I miss it? Defects and all...I'd like to have it back again. Maybe then I'd remember to get up in the morning. Thanks!
Now, just because I'm sure you haven't wasted enough of your day here with me, I'm going to leave you with this totally hysterical link. But you'd best have sound on your computer, as without it the clip makes no sense. And if you've got bladder control issues? You may want to grab a fresh pair of Depends (you've been warned!)


iz said...

I love the life you live! My dream was to live on a farm or be a zoo-keeper!

Anonymous said...

Tracey - I think our brains went on a weekend retreat together - mine seems to be missing, too! ha!

Dixie said...

My brain takes vacations without notice all the time. It sux.

That video made me cry! Thanks, now the folks at work think I'm nuts.

Beth said...

You take the best freakin pictures EVER!!!!!

Vicki said...

My brain wonders away... so I need to go find my jack russel and I will find it?

Speaking of loosing your mind... I can't find your email with the total for my order... please email me again and help me out.

Tracey said... are too sweet...or blind =)

Dix, so sorry to make you cry at work! I just feel so sad for that guy, but it was sooooo funny!

Rachel said...

Wow, the pictures are so cute!! Those adorable babies!!

I have never gone to buy groceries without having means to pay for them!! LOL

I LOVED the Comedy Barn clip!! I saved it to watch over again!! I have been there several times and it's always so funny that my jaws hurt from laughing. They are hurting now after watching this!! Thank you!! I sure needed that!!!

Leann said... the clip you shared.
and wish I could have sent you the email my daugther sent me one day.I could show you where your drain went.

it showed a ladys brain sell.she got mixed up and ended in a mans brain.she yelled and yelled but no one answerd.
she became scared and yelled harder.
soon from down in the lower places she hard a sound,we are down here.

you scroll down and here is a very nice looking man in only a tee shirt,and only one thing moving.and it says here we are.

I LOL!!! and told my daughter you dont send emails like that to old woman with no hubby.HEE HEE.
to that she says it was sooo cute mom I couldnt help it and be sides its that I had to agree.some men think with that area.

Anonymous said...

I love your little black sweet! I have looked at all of your blogs too, you keep things so easy to read & have a good sense of humor too! Thanks!


Diesel said...

I lost because I misspelled your name, didn't I?

Tracey said...

LOL, Diesel...that was it. The whole thing was rigged. =)

smilnsigh said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! A black lamb!!!! Ohhhhh precioussssssssssssss! Love it, love it, love it.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I won?? I never win anything! If you need to email me, my address is

And OMG! That video was SOOOO funny! I was ROTFLMAO!!