Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bale of hay to feed sheep: $8

Hiring someone to shear wool: $6 per sheep

Look on ram's face when lambs think they can get milk out of his 'udder'?
Yup. 'Udderly' priceless!

Say what? Hey...stop that!

I was picking up Darling from school the other day, and because I was early and had nothing better to do, I climbed from the cab and began picking up the loose change that had fallen onto and beneath the mat under my feet. And you know what I found? The gold cap from my tooth.

A few years back I had a dentist who did a root canal and then a gold overlay on one of my molars. They offered silver or gold, but convinced me that the price of the gold would be well worth it, as it would hold up and not need replacing.

I guess they didn't bank on my eating caramel. I love caramel, don't you? Smothered in chocolate...mmmm... And one day I was eating such a delicious piece, when I felt this little suction from the back of my mouth. And then, my caramel became somewhat difficult to chew... I spit it out to find a gold tooth!

So much for gold lasting.

I wonder how much the gold is worth? Can you sell a gold tooth? I wonder if I were to bring it into one of those places that deals with coins and precious metals, if they'd think I stole it out of a dead person's mouth?

I wonder if ebay would let me sell it there? I could probably make up some really cool story, don't you think? Perhaps a fight between a couple of ruffians over a of them dies; it's her true love, and the only thing she kept of him was the gold tooth, which she wore as a necklace until her dying day...

Okay, help me out with this story. I need something clever if I'm going to make enough money to by a new pair of boots. I need something that rivals the old Ghost in a Jar... Come on, y'all. Inspire me!


Yellow Mama said...

Perhaps taking it out of a dead guys mouth and telling them you have a lot more where that came from. Of course, that may cause some issues in your life if the gold dealer believes your story. I bet that is not the first gold tooth they have seen.

Sarah said...

If you sell it online you can say it is the gold tooth from a famous rapper! Not sure that is legal, but I bet it would work :)

Chimera said...

that was too funny, perhaps you could say that u'r grandmother left it to u as a legacy and u r auctioning ur family heirloom. haahaa

Dixie said...

I kinda like the two fighting over a woman story. So sweet and tragic.

Anonymous said...

that's usual! Thanks for brightening my days, Tracy!

Vicki said...

I'm not very inspiring today.

You could say your Great Great Grandpa won it in a bet he made with a Pirate. ??

Is there a trick to sheering sheep?

Tracey said...

Oh, I think a pirate thrown into the mix is a fun idea...maybe a pirate vs cowboy?

Shearing...not tricky, but hard work physically. Are you going to get some sheep?

Connie Peterson said...

Okay, I like the grandma bit ... Your grandmother Elendora was the most beautiful woman in the town and all the young men wanted to marry her. She was not sure who she loved so she set a challenge that the one who reached the mountain top first (and left a sign) would be the one to win her heart. But the one she truly loved died in the attempt and she kept his tooth in a bag around her neck, close to her heart then gave it to you because you loved a man with a gold tooth.

vanishingword said...

I think you ought to make a pin out of it and wear it on a sweater.