Sunday, April 8, 2007

Honey, I'm home!

This is it. I'm here. Home. I'm going to buy City Boy a cowboy hat, a pair of Ariat boots, and a shiny belt buckle that says something like 'Saddle Bronc Champion', with a cowboy riding a bucking horse on it (because we all know if the buckle says it, it must be true, right?) And I'm moving here. To Oregon. And we'll live here, in this romantic little get away, and raise sheep and a few moo cows. And we'll live happily ever after...and it will never snow. (Hey, it's my fantasy!)
My new house. Isn't it beautiful? City Boy, please buy it for me....for us...I love you!

Even Darling has given up Waterville in exchange for John Day and the surrounding vicinity. It's absolutely beautiful! The entire drive was lovely...everything but the restrooms at the top of the Snoqualmie Summit. That was less than lovely. There were two restrooms, each with just one toilet; and they were unisex. Unfortunately. City Boy saw the sign and asked if I had to go. Hey, sure! I polished off my bottle of water as he pulled off the highway.

I was instantly sorry I'd finished that water. There were two small buildings, each with one toilet. They were labeled for unisex use, and it was obvious which sex had been the last to use the only available toilet. Worse yet, the floor was all wet, and I prayed it was just recently melted snow.

It got worse. It was an outhouse. The building was permanent, but the toilet was a no flush beauty that allowed you to dwell on what you were exposing your underside to. And did I mention I could tell who'd used the toilet last? Because not only was the floor wet, but the seat was, too!

Thankfully, the rest of the trip was lovely! Here are a couple of Drive By Shootings from today!

One of the many breathtaking views travelling through the passes in Oregon.

Lovely lake, no clue what it's name is, on Snoqualmie Pass in Washington.

Snow is melting away from this restraunt on Snoqualmie Pass.

That's all for tonight! See y'all tomorrow, when I'll have pics of the wild horse corrals and the John Day fossil beds!


Lady Of Chaos said...

The lake is Lake Kachess (sp) and did you know that if you take the first exit at the summit (the west one) there is a nice restroom stop not too far from that restaurant. Just for future reference.

Love the pics. I can't wait to see some from tomorrow. :)I hope you're having a blast.

dot said...

Oh no! I just get red x's instead of photos.

Sue said...

I did too Tracey, no pics, just red x's??? I really wanted to see those shots, esp. the outhouse! I've done up our bathroom in a outhouse theme and was hoping to lift that photo for my pottyroom!! lol I'll be back to see if they are!

kim said...

I can't find the Barn Yesterday Blog. Please add it to your listof others, then I can add a link to my blog (so I can find it on my own lol!)

Tracey said...

Only red X's? Oh, No!

Sue, I didn't take a pic of the rest stop outhouses...but the other day I posted pics of the outhouse at Berthusen Park.

I'm not sure why the X's...the pics are coming up fine from here.

Rachelle, someone told us there were restrooms at the summit, but we couldn't find them. Wish we had!

It's about 7 am right now. City Boy is packing things up, Darling is still asleep. It was nice and sunny yesterday, but last night it rained! Clouds today; at least it won't be too hot at John Day!

Hey, the pics: If you right click over the image, a new screen pops up. Click properties, then get the image link. I think if you paste that link into your address bar, the photo should show up. I think!

See Y'all later!

Dan said...

Oh no! The photo captions make me want to see the photos but apparently the links are broken!

So, did you have a wonderful cowgirl Easter and/or Passover?

Dixie said...

All I get are x's too!

Glad you are having such a great time! Wish I were there!

Transylvanian horseman said...

There is a sad tale from these parts, about a lady tourist who didn't like an outhouse. So she stood on the seat, because that was "more hygienic". Unfortuntely the seat wasn't designed for that kind of load, nor was its support, and you can guess what happened next. Suffice it to say that, after they had finished laughing, the fire brigate fished our a very unhappy and malodorous lady. Plus she lost her shoes in there. Believe me, Tracey, you got off lightly:)

Jay said...

That teeny egg is a bit creepy, from the post before.

Great pictures here...I can see them just fine, so yay for me!

Kahshe Cottager said...

Sorry Tracey, I get narrow rectangles where the pictures should be. Right clicking on them doesn't open a link - I get a Google error message instead. Whatever, I am glad that you are having such a wonderful time, except for the outhouse experience!!!

Claire said...

I love Oregon, my son goes to college there in McMinnville. Beautiful country.

Tracey said...

How disappointing about the photos. Must have something to do with the laptop or hotel connection? They show up here for me.

We're about to have dinner, then visit a couple of friends here. Afterwards, I'll come post today's travels!

Rachel said...

I just got the red x's instead of photos too. Drats!!

I love your fantasy!! Sounds lovely!

Those toilets don't sound like much fun, but when you gotta go, you gotta go!!!

Rachel Whetzel said...

I think when you move here, you need to move near ME.