Thursday, April 19, 2007

Creepiness to end all Creepiness

To those of you who wanted this, I hate you. I don't do creepy things. This thing is creepy. But you wanted it, so here it is. I did it for you. Because I loved you. Note the past tense of the verb, love. Loved. I don't love you anymore. At least not today. I'm just too totally creeped out to love anyone right now.

Going up is bad enough; looking down gives me the heebie jeebies!

The ladder into Brigget's hay loft is long and narrow. It’s also old and wooden. When Brigget is home, she climbs the ladder. She's a good friend. She knows I whine and obsess over climbing up there. But since Brigget is not always home, I've found myself climbing it anyway. Not gracefully. My knuckles are white and my knees are shaking. But I do get up there. I was just beginning to relax about climbing that ladder when Brigget pointed out a crack in it, and wondered outloud when it would snap. Snap??? Great. Not only do I have to worry about falling out of the hay loft as I'm trying to climb the blasted thing, but I have to worry about the ladder snapping in two as well.

But for lovers of creepiness...for you I climbed this rickety old ladder.

Barn owl is not happy that I've invaded the nesting area. Again.

The owls scooted on out their little exit door when they saw me. Although I had my camera with me, it wasn't the big lens, so pictures weren't great. We're still waiting for baby owls to hatch.

There are plenty of strange things in Brigget's barn.
Some may be considered creepy.

I walked around the loft, wondering where Brigget had left the creepy thing. I heard crunching beneath my feet. It was just layers of hay, I'm sure, but it wasn't a comforting sound when you're in the dark looking for spider filled creepiness. The hair on the back of my neck was standing straight up as my imagination covered all the possible reasons I’d hear crunching. I found plenty of owl poop and pellets. Even found a couple of discarded egg shells. After a full pass around the loft, I was beginning to think I wouldn’t find it, which quite honestly left me a bit relieved.

That’s when I spotted it, in all it's creepy glory. An icy cold shiver ran down my back. I looked for something to poke it with, and found a small stick. Carefully, I removed the lens cover from the camera, then squatted down alongside the thing. It looked like something a mud wasp would make, but it was split in half and was all smooth at the break. Had it been brown, and not full of creepiness, you’d think it may be a walnut.

Creepiness lurks...

But full of creepiness it was. And I could barely look through the lens to focus.

Are you happy now? Are you?

I hope you’re happy. I hope this is everything you dreamed of. Not only did I have to prod this thing apart so you could gaze upon the creepiness of it, but I had try to focus the camera on it, upload them to my computer, then resize them. That was just too much creepiness. But on top of that, I’ve now got dead spider creepiness on my blog! You’d better appreciate it, that’s all I have to say.


Dixie said...

You poor thing! I never, never would have done that! Brave, brave girl!

Donna said...

The owl is the neatest thing up there!

kim said...

Cool Owl pic!!

Ok, that was really gross. Is that really a spider?!?!?! It looks like claws for lands sake! I honor you, oh brave one, as I would not have had the nerve to get that close. It's like an accident, you don't want to look, but keep going back to the creepy thing........

Lady Of Chaos said...

EEEKKKK!!!! NO spider like things every again PLEASE!!!! I have this unrational fear of spiders... Just the thought of all those little legs crawling on me....

Okay now my skins crawling.... Yuck. You are much braver than I am.

Tracey said...

So, City Boy looked this thing up. Appears that wasps bring spiders to their young... Certainly looks like a mud wasp nest, doesn't it? And yeah, Kim, those are realy spiders. I hate spiders. Really, really hate them.

Marion said...

LOL! Tracey, you have earned the title Country Woman Extraordinaire! What a wonderful post...really well done, and you're right...I enjoyed every minute of your journey into the bowels of the barn! Great suspense!

Is it any surprise to you that, as a child, I couldn't wait to explore the interiors of old barns just to see what I could find? I still have the urge to do this...I just don't have access to any barns!

I'm going to go back and study those pics some more. Thank you for your absolutely stunning courage in photographing this "thing" for your readers!

Karmyn R said...


You are brave.

Phyllis Covington said...

Can we pul-ease have a blogger slumber party up in that barn?


dot said...

You are a brave woman! I thought that one thing was a snake but finally decided it was some kind of hook. LOL

Vicki said...

You climbed the ladder WITH a camera in your hand.

You. Are. My. Friend.

it's a spider grave yard. It looks like a wasp nest that a spider took over to die in.

I am so thankful for your bravery.

is it brave when you whine while you do it?


Tracey said...

Phyllis, no. And no. Not for all the pleases in the world. Not even for chocolate.

Well, maybe for chocolate.

Vicki said...

I brought Brian into my office to show him the pictures. He said, "It's a wasp nest."
I said have you ever opend up one before?
Ummm yea Vic everybody has.
No not everybody. I guess every country boy has.

Who knew?

Jocelyn said...

Look at you, suffering for your art!

We, your readers, think you're vedddddy brave. And what cool photos!

vanishingword said...

ok, that was seriously creepy.
Did you know that as fantastic as Barn Owls are they have a flaw? The refuse to hunt the area immediately around their nest. Yep, thats right, I one mile radius around their nest is off limits. If you truly want assistance with critters they suggest building owl boxes (nests) and mounting them in 20 foot plus trees, away from your residence.