Saturday, April 14, 2007

Wild Horses Keep Dragging Me Away...

I promised more wild ones, and here they are!

Wild Wrangler jumps onto tractor to snatch up a bit of alfalfa...
(What, you don't think the wrangler is wild? Okay, you're right, he was domestic...)

Tuesday morning, while City Boy and Darling slept, I snuck out of the hotel and back to the corrals. It was feeding time, so the tractor and trailer were making their way from corral to corral, tossing off huge flakes of the greenest alfalfa for the horses. When the guys saw me out with my camera, they began tossing the hay along the fence line hoping the horses would come up a bit closer for me. Wasn't that sweet of them?

This weekend there's an adoption in Salem, Oregon. Wranglers were separating a group of horses that would be going. On the far left is a sorrel horse with a dark mask. He kinda reminds me of Quiet Storm; at least he's got the same shape to his face. I find the mask very interesting, and wonder if he'll shed out differently?
Wranglers moving horses through the corrals.

I've become quite fond of this little ghost horse through the photographs. Hasn't he got a sweet face? I almost think I'll have to email for some details on him. Being as how he's a ghost horse, City Boy will never notice when he's added to the pasture...right? And if he does, I can just tell him it's an over grown sheep...

Blue Eyed Ghost Horse

Okay, do you know how many pictures I took of this red roan? Neither do I, but it was a lot. He stuck pretty much to himself at this end of the corral, looking longingly over the fence at his neighbors. I suspect the neighbors may have been women. They were probably his harem before his manhood was abruptly stolen away.

The roan and Ghost alongside each other. You can see how much taller the roan is than the rest of the herd.

Morning breath

The horses were quite active, what with me sitting alongside their feed! They'd canter over to eat, then spot me crouched down on the other side of the panel. Snort, snort, and off they'd go!


This grulla is one of the horses used by the wranglers...or at least that's my guess. When we drove into the holding area, the gates were closed with a note that said 'close them behind you'. We soon found out why. This guy, plus a couple others, were free to come and go out of their holding corral. Isn't he beautiful?

Okay...have I bored you enough with wild horse photos? Perhaps you just need a break. We are back home, after all, and things are happening on the farm. I got an email from Margery, and another of her ewes has lambed, so Carrot is a pappa again. I've got pictures, of course, and they'll be up tomorrow. Plus...Darling got a new critter. Wait until you see it!

Have a terrific Saturday, everyone!


Rachel said...

Love, Love, Love all the horse photos. I could never get bored with them!!

Dixie said...

The horses are absolutely beautiful! Love those photos!

Beach Girl said...

That "Freedom!" picture is incredible!


dot said...

You sure do take good pictures! I can see the motion in the horses and I can almost imagine that one cowboy is Gus Mccall!

Anonymous said...

We drove by the Salem fairgrounds on Saturday and I read the Wild Horse Adoption this weekend sign. Knowing all along my hubby would NEVER let me go in. Thanks to your blog I can see what I missed. lol
Thanks for taking all the pics.

Tracey said...

Oh, shame on your hubby! Hasn'the ever heard of window shopping? This is a close cousin; corral shopping.