Friday, April 20, 2007

The Pretty Princess Chair

Darling had wanted one so badly! Those mushroom chairs, that is. It was Christmas, and the chair was one of those top of the list items. And trust me, those lists are long, so being in the top ten makes it pretty special. When she opened the oddly shaped gift from her grandparents, she was thrilled beyond all belief.

The chair sat in Darling's room for a year or two, but you'd never know it. Instead, you'd think there was a four foot high pile of clothing in the corner. In reality, the clothing was only two feet, as the chair was holding it up off the ground. Eventually, City Boy got tired of this type of clothing storage and removed the blue mushroom chair.

The chair was set down in the rec room while City Boy contemplated other items he'd like to haul to the dump that day. He loaded up the trash cans from outside and gathered a few other stray items. He then came back inside for the chair, only to find it occupied. And giving him the most pitiful look was Rufus, head of Homeland Security.

Evidentally, Rufus convinced City Boy that he needed that chair more than City Boy needed to get rid of it. It must have taken quite a lot of pleading, as Darling had failed just an hour earlier. But then, there's a reason Rufus is head of Homeland Security. It's not just his bravery on the job, but his ability to communicate while here in the house.

So City Boy set up the chair to Rufus's specifications. And Rufus moved in.

Head of Homeland Security and Alice, both feeling pretty.

Rufus loves the mushroom chair. It makes him feel pretty, like a princess. Alice would like to feel pretty now and then as well, and sometimes joins Rufus in the chair. Before long, Rocket became jealous. He wanted to feel pretty, too. So when Rufus hopped out of the chair to eat, Rocket would jump in.

Rocket naps in the Princess Chair.

Thus began the battle over the Princess Chair. Who ever was in the chair was the pretty princess dog. It became a throne, and which ever dog was in it, ruled. Rocket would refuse to get down to eat. Rufus refused to go outside to go potty. Heaven forbid they're outside at the same time. They come racing for the door like a pig goes after an oreo cookie. And because Rocket is the faster of the two (and most pig-like), he usually reaches the door first and gets into the chair.

Rufus isn't chief of Homeland Security for nothing, though. He devised a plan to remove Rocket from the Princess Chair, establishing himself as ruler of the rec room. While Rocket sat in the chair, Rufus came walking over to me, sat at my feet and began chirping and humming. No, really. Rufus makes the strangest, non-doglike noises, and he wasn't going to stop until he got what he wanted. What he wanted was for me to reach out and pet him, which I did. Instantly, Mr. Jealousy lept from the chair and came running over, afraid he was missing out on something.

And with that, Rufus returned to his rightful place as Pretty Princess.


Donna said...

What would we do without our pets? I get more smiles and laughs from my animals than from any other sources.

BOSSY said...

Bossy's Great Dane would kill the Princess Chair with kindness.

Beemoosie said...

Scary how smart our four legged friends are!

RoseMary said...

Hooray for Rufus! Our lives would be missing so much without our entertaining pets. I miss our little house dog, but dh has put his foot down (for now;) and only kitties are allowed inside. I will have to work on that. Maybe the Rufus, Rocket story would sway him. . .naw, he's too stubborn!

Dixie said...

If you just replaced the doggy names with my kids names, that story would be like my day. Everyday.

Lady Of Chaos said...

LOL! I love it. They are such characters aren't they. Like my cats, they each have thier spot to lay on the bed and boy look out if any other critter ties to lay there.

Great story and Rufus, well Rufus is just way too cute!

Sharon Lynne said...

What personalities! We are dogless right now. Our sweet old lab-shepherd passed away a few months ago.

Looking forward to another adoption when time is right!

(You ought to write for children.)

Rachel said...

Ah, they are all so cute!!! Rufus looks some like my doggie!! Mine is a Shih-Tzu.

How wonderful that they have a princess chair to sit in.

I loved your "creepy" pictures below! I know you went to great lengths to get them! Aren't you just the sweetest thing to do that for all your blogger friends!!!

Tracey said...

Hi all. Been a busy day here. Yes, our pets certainly are the source of a few laughs.

Sharon Lynne, how sweet of you to say that!

Rachel, we figure he's half Shih Tzu; his mamma was picked up by the animal shetler. She's American Eskimo, but Ruf certainly shows Shih Tzu!

HeatherJ said...

What kind of dog is rocket? Looks like he has a bit of corgi in him. We almost named our newest corgi Rocket. Great name, especially for a fast doggie.