Monday, April 16, 2007


It's been a busy couple of days. Yesterday I had to run get some hay from Brigget. She went up into the loft and found this rather odd sort of thing. It was hard, roundish and split in half. Looked like the inside of a honey comb. I'd seen it up there last week, but had left it behind as it was kinda...I dunno...creepy.

Anyway, there sat Brigget up there in the doorway showing me this thing, pointing out that she thought there were spider legs coming out of it. And if anything is creepy beyond all creepiness, it's spiders. Their legs coming out of some sort of unknown object just makes them all the more creepy. She asked if I'd like it, no doubt thinking I'd take pictures for the blog.

"No, thank you," was my reply. Somethings are just too creepy even for me, I told her. She gave me a puzzled look. "You brought home the head of a dead horse in your trunk, and you don't think that's just a little bit creepy?" Okay, she had me there.

Anyway, most of Brigget's ewes have lambed now. Take a look at these adorable Icelandic babies!

Three weeks old, and look at those horn buds!

These are Sunday's babies; remember the caption contest with the kissing ewe and lamb?

Astrid lambed last week; her boy has lovely silver flecks, and check out those horns already!

Lovely spotted ram lamb. His mamma has a name I can barely pronounce, let alone spell. It means Pancake, so that's what I call her.

This morning I got up and was amazed at how many people had already visited this blog. Blown away, really. I get all sucked up by the statistics and comments. It's like my little cyberspace living room, and you all are my visitors throughout the day. And it amazes me how many of you pop in to see my decorating!

So here I sat, utterly enthralled, when I ought to have looked out the window. Why? Licorice was giving birth! By the time I finally yawned, stretched, and dawned my rubber boots, she'd licked the boy clean and he'd had his first visit to the milk bar. Like last year's lamb, and the lambs before that, he's a curly little black baby. His papa was an icelandic, and I'm hoping someone who'd like a pet wether will come along. He's bound to have a beautiful fleece with his genetics.

Still wet, and with a dangly umbelical cord.

Of course, I can't let you go without an updated pic of Ohren and Baron!

Ohren's ears are still just a little tippy!

Don't forget, tomorrow is Winsday and there'll be a new contest!


Kahshe Cottager said...

Oh these little lambs are all so adorable. I can see why you wish for them to become pets Tracey. I would have trouble letting them go I think!

BTW, some trivia for you ... In Baum's 1902 musical production of the Wizard of Oz, Toto was played by a spotted calf named Imogene! Surely one of your black lambs would have aced that role! The Screamer could have played a part too I am sure - maybe the familiar of the Wicked Witch?

LOL Dorothy

Christie said...

you've been nominated for a (few) RFS Blog Award(s)

Dixie said...

Girl, you are making me sick!! Gah, I wanna come live with you! I love all the photos! I sooo want to live on a farm, out in the middle of nowhere. Makes living here suck just that much more!

Oh, and what they hey am I supposed to do with this thinking award??

Alpicks Treasures said...

Your animals are growing up fast. You must be a proud Momma. Keep up the good work!

Vicki said...

I think the "thing" was a Gremlin hatching. Go take a picture of it!

Sarah said...

Great pics, "cute" doesn't do those lambs justice!

Ms. Mamma said...


Tracey said...

Uh, No. And did I mention no? I don't do spidery things. If you can assure me it's only a gremlin, I'd be right on it. But spider legs? No.

Dorothy...a lamb? As Toto? Get out of here. No way. Can you imagine the mess that would have made on the stage, lol!

Dix, I think there's a link somewhere, but I'm clueless. I'll have to search for it. Otherwise, you get to think (brain pain) of five other bloggers to give the award to. They're supposed to be blogs that make you think. And, er, no touch backs! =) award nomination. How totally cool. Must check it out...

RoseMary said...

They are so sweet and adorable! You must be thrilled with all of them-and busy! I don't like spiders, either!

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Love the pics of all your animals! Isn't springtime wonderful?

Marion said...

oh...what's happening with the creepy thing? I'm with Vickie...Please take a picture of it!

Great photos!

granny miller said...

Very nice lambs!