Saturday, April 7, 2007

What were you thinking???

The barn at Berthusen Park

Enough of this nonsense...really! First I find that Kahshe Cottager has tossed one of those Thinking Blogger things my way. I was honored...but confused. When do I think? Not often, if I can avoid it. Thinking can be stressful. But then...then it gets followed up by RoseMary sending a second one my way, and on the very same day!

And I just need to know...WHAT were you ladies thinking?

Just to set the record straight, I have a long history of not thinking. It began as a child. I recall my mother often saying to me, "What were you thinking?" And my reply would be.... .....or something equally as profound.

City Boy often times will be rambling on and on about something around here, and then I'll hear him say, "What do you think?" Huh? What? I was supposed to be thinking? I forgot. Could you repeat the question?

Cleary, thinking is not my strong point. Yet two of you numbskulls went and handed me something that eludes to the (non)fact that when someone visits here, they're visiting someone who thinks. And to make matters worse, I've got to find five more bloggers who think. No, wait...I've got two awards, which means I've got to be finding ten thinking bloggers. This will take a great deal of thought, something I'm not sure I'm ready for. Thought confuses me. It befuddles me. It hurts to think.

And you know what? I’m not going to do it. At least not right away. Hey! I’ve got a vacation to take! You can’t expect a person to think while they’re on vacation, can you?

By this time tomorrow, we’ll be on the road to Oregon. I’ll be posting updates for you along the way; City Boy has installed Adobe onto the laptop so it’s good to go as far as getting my photos resized and online for you. Hopefully we’ll find something interesting to take pictures of, or you’ll be stuck with (more) videos of me!

Before I go, I’m going to share a couple photos from the other day. After leaving the cemetery with Lanky, we went to Berthusen Park. It’s another one of those old homesteads that has been donated to the parks department. My cousin and his wife manage it and are lucky enough to actually live there! Of course, living on a homestead has it's disadvantages...

One more thing before I wander thoughtlessly off for the day: I’ve added a link here where you can subscribe to my blog. This will ensure you get my thoughtless drivel in your email each time I post something. Which really you probably don’t need, but if your brain is like mine, it may forget to check in. And you wouldn’t want to miss out on our little vacation, would you?

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kim said...

*sigh* I hate that word, think. DH is a thinker too. I am forve hearing the wheels turning in his brain. Government, polictics, war. My responses are usually, "Uh, huh", "right"

Dixie said...

Two thinking awards?!? Wow. You smarty britches you. Congrats! Or maybe I should say sorry? Whichever!

I love that out house! That is hilarious!

"Early Bird" said...

Contratulations on both awards...I think...teehee!
You have a wonderful unique talk of things noone else show pictures of lambs being born...I rest my case!!
I enjoy it!! So there!!
I LOVED that Outhouse!!!

Kahshe Cottager said...

Wow ... I sure didn't mean for this award to get your knickers in a knot!!! *-)

I understood (or misunderstood as my brain is not always working on all cylinders) that the award was to given to someone whose blog made the giver (ME) think about something or inspire the giver (still me) in some way/s. Not that I think that you DON'T think ... I think that you think some pretty heavy thoughts (sometimes anyway)!

Now just enjoy your holiday and give your brain a little rest and you will be back to your usual "fuddles" and making me smile with your antics on the farm!

Tracey said...

LOL, Kahshe...okay, so I don't need to think? See, that's what happens when I try to think, I get confused. I'll try to let you do the thinking from now on! =)

Kahshe Cottager said...

And my thought for the day is "Have a great holiday and try not to fall off the horses while you are away!"

And BTW, you will still have to think of who you are going to choose ... but no pressure .... OK??


Have a Happy Easter!!

Sue said...

Oh no!! I didn't know you were chosen already, looks like you have award #3, go to my blog!! lol

Betty Jo said...

Congrats Tracey! Sure you think and your posts show it. I enjoy reading your thoughts. Our move went well and I'm still unpacking. I haven't kept up with visiting many blogs either, so don't feel bad. You lucky thing; a vacation in OR. Oh what I would give to go along with you. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful photos from there. xoxo

SiouxSue said...

For someone who is not a thinker, I can see and hear your wonderful thoughts though your writing.

Have a blessed Easter.

Jennie said...

Hi! Thanks for the visit a while back...I'm enjoying your beautiful blogs here and noticed that you have (I think?) a bernese mountain dog?? We just picked out one today that we'll get soon. What sweet doggies! Nice blog!

Rachel said...

Well, your blog is a good one, that's for certain!! So congratulations on the awards!!

Love those pictures!! That outhouse in a tree. How cool!!!

Enjoy the vacation, and Happy Easter!!!

Tracey said...

Jennie, she's actually an Australian Shepherd; but the tri colors do look like Bernese when when they're little and fluffy! Congrats on your new puppy =)

Dixie, I'm not a smarty should know that by now. Silly, Hahaha!

Isn't that outhouse a hoot?!

Hope y'all have a blessed Easter as well!