Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy Easter!

By the time you're reading this, I should be on my way to Oregon!

The littlest Easter Egg

I went out to take care of the chickens the other day when I happened to look down at the ground and spot this teensie, tiny little tan ball. Not egg shaped in the least, but it was the right color. I bent down to pick it, it really is an egg! Never in my life have I seen one so least, not a chicken egg. Not even the pullet eggs are this small. I wonder which of my new hens layed this? Can we say slacker?! How many do you think it would take to make an omelet?

Darling got all eggcited and wanted to crack it open. Why did she want to crack it open? I dunno...what else would you do with an egg? I guess we wanted to know if it really was an egg inside. We did it outside (just in case it was old and stinky.) Sure enough, a yellow yolk oozed out! Tait's nose was half an inch from where we broke it, and it didn't take that pup long to slurp it up...egg shell and all!

Growing up, I always used to go to egg hunts at my great grandmother's house. She'd hide eggs and invite not only the great grand kids, but half the neighborhood. Kids would be swarming all over her property in search of hard boiled eggs. That was back in the day when it was okay to eat an egg that'd been hidden all morning. Back when we didn't die because of it. Kids these days are weak, they're not allowed to eat old eggs for fear of stomach cramps or dying. Wimps.

Plastic eggs for today's wimpy kids. I said, we're on our way to Oregon. We may even be there by the time you're reading this! We'll most likely head southeast, through Ellensburg, then down to the John Day region where I'm thinking we'll spend the night.

Come Monday morning we'll explore the fossil beds. If I understand it correctly, you can actually keep some of the fossils you find! How terribly cool is that?

Burns, OR is a bit more than an hour south of John Day, so we ought to be there at some point in the afternoon. The walking tour, I've been told, takes about an hour. For me? Probably two or three...or four or five... When do you think they close? Do you suppose they'd let me just camp out?

Hopefully I'll be able to post later tonight the things we saw and did today. I hope you're all having a blessed Easter! Don't forget that Jesus is the reason for this season as well =)

Deb just emailed me, letting me know that Taffy's mother just had quadruplets! Deb, you're going to have to email pictures to me so I can get them up for everyone to see =)
Oh...and one more thing! I was at Kim's blog and scrolled down to see she'd taken a quiz on what kind of horse she was. Well, I wasn't about to pass that up! Naturally, quizzes such as this tend to be full of Arabians, Quarter Horses, and imagine my surprise when I turned out to be...
Okay, I promise I'm actually leaving you now. Have a blessed Easter, everyone, and see you later tonight!


Jean said...

Just had to stop by and wish you a great trip and a Happy Easter! I've really been enjoying your blog but haven't had much time to comment. I love your sense of humor and know I'll smile when I read your stories. Have fun!

Kahshe Cottager said...

Sounds like a full and interesting trip you have ahead of you. I know that it will result in some fun postings along the way. Have a safe and fun holiday!!!

Lady Of Chaos said...

Have a great Trip. Take lots and lots of pictures. And make a really long post whenever you get an internet connection. I've never been to Burns, I really want to see pics. :)

I took the horse quiz. Cracked me up! I'm a mustang. I was laughing so hard..hmmm barter with the old mare for sweet feed or go eat grass? That was a hard one. LOL

Have a great trip Tracey. And have a great Easter!

Connie Peterson said...

Have a great trip! I'll keep up with you ... I've had a break but am here in Florida and trying to catch up with myself.


"Early Bird" said...

I'm a quarter my how they figured that out I'll never!
Happy Easter and safe travels!!

dot said...

I've enjoyed checking out your blog. I remember those kind of hard boiled eggs and I don't think they were EVER refrigerated once they were boiled. I'm still alive! lol. But honestly, "THEY" have scared even me from eating a boiled easter egg that's been out of the fridge!

Dixie said...

Happy Easter!!

Somehow they pegged me as a thoroughbred. Okay, I'd have never guessed that one. Jackass maybe, but thoroughbred? Nah.

Tracey said...

Just popping in quick; we're at John Day and about to head out on a quick walk. Will be back later with a couple photos...I hope!

Dixie...too funny! Thought of you a few minutes ago when we ate a diner with southern fried chicken and Dixie's Homemade Pie =)