Wednesday, April 4, 2007

It Rained Today

I was going to go down to the neighbor's and work on my fencline today, but it rained. I don't work in rain. I barely work in sunshine, but most definitely not in rain.

Yesterday the sun was shining. I managed to get a few posts put into the ground and some more wire stretched. Below is a picture of the fence post pounder. I'm not sure if that's the actual name or not. My tongue always trips and falls over it...fence post pounder. Try saying it. Try saying it three times fast! Not easy. Hopefully there's an easier name. Something simple or pretty sounding. I wonder what it is in French? Of course, I don't speak French, so it probably wouldn't roll of my tongue any easier than fence post pounder.

The ground down at the neighbor's is a little wet, which is why you see that weedy, reedy grass in the photo. In fact, during ark season it's down right swampy! The frogs, however, find the boggy, slimy ground somewhat romantic, and everyone up and down the valley can hear their love calls all night long. All Night Long! You've not heard anything so loud as thousands of frogs singing "In the Mood" late into the night. People in the city wonder why we country folks are walking around looking like cast members of Night of the Living Dead. After all, things are so peaceful out in the country, right? Yeah, and roosters are charming little alarm clocks.

But I digress. Once we return from vacation, the sheep will enjoy getting out on that soon to be lush, green grass.

Speaking of vacations, I've found that my camera doesn't have a video feature. Something about the resolution being too high on the camera, and too low on a video...or something like that. Good news is that Darling's camera does have video! In fact, while playing around with it tonight, I see that she's got a short video of Taffy and Ohren shortly after lambing! Mind you, it was terribly windy so there's lots of rumbling noise.

Now, should I show you another one? I played a bit with the camera, trying to figure out how it worked, and shot a couple practice videos. Are you ready to see them? I'm not sure anyone is ready for this. I know I'm not ready for it. Which one to load? The creek? Or me? Well, whichever one doesn't end up here today will show up tomorrow, so be sure to come back to see it!


Sarah said...

Everyone thinks they sound funny on video, you are not alone.
Love the dogs trying to steal the spotlight :)

Dixie said...

I'm with Sarah, the dogs did steal the spotlight from ya' there!

Tell Darling that I said you do not sound stupid on the video. It is wierd to hear your own voice though, isn't it??

Marci said...

I loved the video of the creek. I think you sound charming with good humor thrown in. =)

Vicki said...

You are my new best friend.

I just bought new muck boots because my old ones had a hole in them. MUCK BOOTS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

You made me laugh. Thank you

BTW I got my stuff yesterday and gave half of it away. LOL I'll need to order more soon. I think I might have two new customers for you, wholsale customers. Could you send me some business cards and stuff?

BOSSY said...

Funny - when Bossy gets her posts into the ground she's referring to her blog. (Which she doesn't like to manage in rain. Or sun.)

Rachel said...

I loved the videos!! You don't sound stupid to me, sounded just fine in fact! Love that stream. It looks small to have trout. Too bad that some die. What a waste!

Pretty dogs!! Hope you got some dry socks on later!!