Monday, May 7, 2007

Coop and Breakfast

And now, for your listening pleasure...or is it viewing pleasure? I'm not really sure. Fact is, you may just be bored to tears and find no pleasure at all! Be that as it may, here's the latest film from Carpenter Creek!

Okay, you pesky varmints! Ever since I started this blog I've had to listen to you whine about wanting to live my life. Everything from just coming for a visit, to pleading with me to clear out a corner of the barn where you can spend the rest of your days. Even Paul's gotten into the act, wondering what the view from the guest house looks like!

And yet, I've not got a guest house. And the horses would be mighty put out if they had to give up a corner of their stall space. And sleep with the sheep? Perish the thought! Trust me, I wouldn't send my worst enemy out to sleep amongst the sheep burps. However, your enthusiasm for doing barn chores and mending fences does sound tempting...

...which is why Brigget and I have hatched a plan. Yes, a plan.

You do recall Brigget, don't you? My friend with the barn? The barn with a loft full of wise old barn owls? And didn't someone ask if we could have sleep over in that loft? The loft full of the creepiness to end all creepiness? I do believe someone did. ( I do believe it was Ms. Phyllis.)

WELL... Here's the view from your new guest room!

Yes, it's a room with a view! Isn't it lovely? You'll enjoy your stay in this peaceful, romantic little get away that was once an old chicken barn. The view is spectacular; the gentle summer breeze will fill your room with fresh air and fragrant farm scents. Nothing says country like chicken manure!

Rooms are decorated in a rustic, early 60's commercial chicken farm motif. Lining the aisles on the north side of the building, creating a charming little storage area for your personal belongings are the old chicken cages. Cages still have their clasps that held chickens securely inside, making them the perfect place for any valuables you may bring along.

The cabin is full of 'creature' comforts, such as open air conditioning.

The southern side of your cabin is open, allowing the early morning sun full access to your room. This is something you'll appreciate as the farm chores begin at 6:30 am. The sun rises shortly before 6, giving you plenty of time to wake up and fully enjoy the serene farmland around you. The new chicken coop is just feet away, giving you the freshest eggs you've ever had! Not to mention, you'll be up when the rooster crows (at 2 am, 3 am, 4 am...)

Plenty of natural light flows through the open wall of your quaint cabin.

We hope you don't mind rooming with John...

Rounding out the country feel is the old John Deere tractor that resides in the west end of your cabin. Go ahead, hop into the driver's seat! I'll even snap a photo of you to post here on the blog. For a few extra bucks, I can be convinced to photoshop the barn cabin out of the picture and place you and the tractor out in the fields where it will look as though you're tilling up the land!

Your days will be filled with the simple, laid back life of a farmer. You'll gather eggs, feed the sheep and clean the chicken coop. Then, after breakfast, a jaunt over to my place where you'll get to rototill the garden, weed the flower beds, and wash the sheep wool. I think City Boy would like his car washed as long as you're here. Fence mending, hay baling and lamb castration round out your visit. And at the end of the day, perhaps we'll be able to talk Brigget into playing her fiddle, just like Pa Ingalls!

Of course, we'll be needing a name for our little adventure. Perhaps Mrs. Tweedy's Coop and Breakfast? Or how about Horrors of the Hen House? Well, put on your thinking caps and see what you can come up with. It'll be good practice for tomorrow, which is Winsday. I've got a new photo for you, and the winner gets an 8x10!

Until then, have a terrific day, and don't do anything I wouldn't do! (Rather a wide open door, eh?)


vanishingword said...

How about Tracey's Tumble Weed Hayloft and Breakfast?

Dixie said...

I'd rather do all the farm chores than what I have to do every day. Fight traffic, data entry, deal with pissy customers and take orders from people who don't know what they are doing.

vanishingword said...

Barnaby's Bed and Baler?

Vicki said...

count me in!

Rachel said...

Sounds like a humdinger of a ripsnorting time to me!! Count me in and let me know when! Nothing like those good farm smells to start (and end) the day!

How about Strutin Hens Shananogalizing Place?

Thanks for the video. I really enjoyed the visit to the farm without leaving my chair. I loved the sounds and there ain't NOTHING like seeing baby chicks and ducks and a horse a'galloping and a'romping!! Now the pig....I think it was calling out to you that it is very lonely! I think it wants companions!! In pig talk I think that's what it was saying!! Not that I understand pig talk....but....pig grunts maybe!

The Raw & The Cooked said...

Loved the video and the pictures. I think the horse and the pig stole the video. Piggy Pig was doing a lot of talking in that video, lol.

I love fiddles.

Pa Ingalls played his fiddle a lot in the Laura Ingalls series. I never knew what they looked like until last year. I found picture of the entire family. I read that books at least once per year.

Paul said...

When I was a kid, it was lots of fun to go horse ridin', then fart in my sister's room.

Yeah, boy! Pesky varmit, f'sure.

vanishingword said...

The deluxe suite at The Hoof and Horn.

Tracey said...

Paul! What a bratty brother =)

Rachel, I'll toss you up in the loft with Phyllis. And the creepy things.

The Screamer was certainly the inspiration for the video. She's worse than the sheep, lol! And Quiet Storm is easily egged on by Darling, who runs up and down the fence line until QS joins in the fun. Doesn't hurt that she's a real camera hog! I've never known a horse who loves having her picture taken so much. It's just crazy.

cityfarmer said...

A farmer's work is never done

Claudia said...

is there a beach nearby?? :)

wolfbaby said...

Your to funny for words ya know that;)

Love your sense of humor.