Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Redneck Vampire Attacks Trailer Park

Photo Caption!

This photo will be used (most likely) in the Wild Horse Calendar, as well as on note cards and t-shirts. Winner gets a set of notecards; everyone who enters will have their name put into a drawing for the calendar once all the photos are selected.

This particular print is already on a Year at a Glance calendar, mugs and more at the Mustang Fever Store. Good luck!


After picking Darling up from school this afternoon, we stopped at Dodson’s for a quick snack. Walking past the check out stands I spotted one of those…er…newspapers. You know the kind; Alien Invades Body of Kitten, or Giant Sea Turtle Eats Empire State Building. Today’s attention grabbing headline was Redneck Vampire Attacks Trailer Park. Which left Darling and I wondering, are all you rednecks out there okay?

Before becoming distracted by redneck vampires, Darling was telling me about her day at school. “Mom, those kids have the worst grammar. I was walking past this girl who was headed to the office. Someone was asking her why she was going there. You know what she said? ‘I ain’t got no period’.” I looked at Darling, who suddenly realized how that sentence sounded. “So, sounds like a poor choice of words as well as poor grammar,” I said as we walked past the redneck vampire headline.

Darling was now laughing. Yes, she agreed, it was a rather poor choice of words. “But it gets worse, Mom. Kids were asking me what my shirt said. And they hadn’t heard of STYX! Mom! They didn’t know who Styx was! Can you believe it? Next thing you know, they’ll be saying they’ve never heard of the Beatles or Elton John!” A travesty, to be sure. Darling has been spending far too much time in the company of her oldies loving, Grammar Nazi brother, it would appear, to fit in nicely with her peers.

We were disappointed to find that our favorite glass bottled sodas were out of stock and had to settle for the plastic variety. Darling wanted chips. “Off to the pitchfork isle!”

I wanna be a Redneck Vampire and attack a trailer park!

ps...have you noticed the counter? Less than 2000 hits to go. I'm building up the prize basket as you read this!


Jean said...

Magnifiques photos !
La lumière est si particulière !

Tracey said...

Merci, Jean!

Connie Peterson said...

"Heading into the storm!" And I agree - a magnifique photo!!

~~Mikki Jo said...

Beautiful picture!
"Never Back Down" or

"Facing My Trials"

ShabbyInTheCity said...

"Babe I'm Leavin'"

Shabby sings-'the jig is up the news is out they've finally found me...a renengade who had it made retrieved for a bounty...'

Sarah said...

"On the edge..."

Dixie said...

If they hit my trailer park, it must have been the night I made sghetti and garlic bread.

Awww, are you gonna send me another basket when you hit 10,000??

wolfbaby said...

Horsey horizons ;)

That is a beatiful photo!!

Your daughter sounds like an interesting conversationlist;)

Very much like my niecie girl.

wolfbaby said...

Topaz glory?

vanishingword said...

The moment before the storm.

Marion said...

Terrific photo!

CountryGoalie said...

"As The Storm Rolls In".

"The Thunder Rolls".

"Spirit of the West".

Are multiple entries allowed? *shrug*

Ach, I canna believe that they do not know about Styx! Of course, I'm not much older than Darling myself, but my mother introduced me to their music a while back...

Karmyn R said...

You know, someone took one of those headlines (Batboy found in Cave) and made a musical out of it "BatBoy".

It was REALLY fun!

I can see the sequel now - Redneck Vampire.

Lady Of Chaos said...

Okay, well I got here late... Hmmm I think I already see the winning title but here goes anyway. :)

Stormy Challenge

Rachel said...

Lot's of good captions already posted for that wonderful picture!!