Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Super Chick, the Movie

Okay, it's not exactly an action packed, super hero kind of movie. I mean, I tried tying a little cape around one of their necks, but it just didn't work like I'd envisioned it. So then we tried a shell, but it gave the chick a rather turtle-ish look, and the other chicks just laughed...

It's no secret that a domestic goddess I am not. And just to help solidify my claim to kitchen shame, I tried to burn up my tea kettle the other morning. My morning ritual is stumbling out of bed, starting the water, then pulling up the blog. I wait for the whistle and go make myself a cup of hot chocolate.

But as I was sitting here, completely consumed in photo shop, I realized that it'd been several minutes, and I hadn't heard my whistle. So I peeked out the door to the kitchen, and what did I see?


Okay, not the first time, and probably not the last, that I've seen fire in the kitchen. This time the outside of the tea kettle was roasting nicely. I rather like the new color; gives it a rather vintage look, don't you think?

My 'new' vintage tea kettle.
Don't forget that tomorrow is Winsday! Plus, an update on The Screamer.
I'm going to go try to microwave water now in hopes of getting my morning chocolate fix. Cross you fingers that I don't set the microwave on fire!


Dixie said...

Love the hatchlings!! So how many did you get hatched off?

They are so cute when they are new and young! The "teen months" as I like to call them, when they are all gangley and ugly are hilarious! I love whatching the stags run around trying to be all bad ass and beat each other up. Good times, I tell ya!

Tracey said...

Oh, yeah! I was so intent on getting that video put together that I forgot to tell you how many, lol!

You were all so optomistic...but we only had 10 chicks hatch.

Marion said...

It must be Spring, Tracey! Hearing the chirping of these baby chicks is like music...

Hope the little one that couldn't quite get that shell off his back is ok!

Kahshe Cottager said...

So the claim to be able to burn water is not an urban myth after all!! LOL

Those little chicks are so cute! I am sorry that more did not hatch 8-( It will be fun to see them as they grow - I hope you continue to show pictures!

Alpicks Treasures said...

I can see the video, but watching them hatch is so exciting!

Karmyn R said...

They are SOOOO Cute. But it looks exhausting trying to escape an egg.

kim said...

They are so cute and your life.. er... stories are so funny!

vanishingword said...

did you know that peacocks enjoy a snack of baby rattle snake, when they can catch them?!

Tracey said...


Kim, I don't try to live an amusing life...it just seems to follow me around. Darling has the same problem.

kim said...

Tracey~ You put it so beautifully in words! Ain't it the truth! lol!!

Beach Girl said...

The Chicks are sooo cute!

There's a show on the Food Network called HOW TO BOIL WATER.....LOL

BIG :-)

Is your hot cocoa mix homemade? If not, go to my recipe blog, the Brownie Lady. (http://brownielady.blogspot.com/)


Tracey said...

Oh, Vanessa, I'll have to do that! I've been spending big bucks on Nestle's Deluxe chocolate mix...and deluxe as it is, I still add more chocolate =)

Hmmm...a program on how to boil water? They probably have rules like "First, place water in your tea kettle..." I'm so not about rules!

wolfbaby said...

aww cute;)

as for the burning the water... i have seen it happen before.. your talent lies elswhere:0

as in photos!!

Rachel said...

Only 8!! Gee whiz!! Here I was counting on all of them hatching!!

I love all the chirping and the peeping of the baby chicks!! They are so sweet!!!