Monday, May 14, 2007

A Really Good Secret

Leaves on a vine maple tree. Did you know they grew little flowers?

So...what to do? Can't drive. Can't lift anything. City Boy and Darling have taken over the chores, although I'm at least able to collect eggs. Good thing, too, because no one else is willing to brave Silver's protective instinct. This makes me feel brave; it gives me a purpose when there's nothing else I'm able to accomplish right now. I am the chief egg collector! Which I was before, and no one cared then, either.

While City Boy, Geek Boy and Darling were out this afternoon, I read my email. Wandered aimlessly about. Took a short nap. Checked the email again. Then I decided to get my camera out and take some pictures. Which I figure will bore you to tears, because what's left to see here? I only recently shot the view from both the front and the back door and you've probably seen more pig and chicken videos than a blog reader should be subjected to. The only thing of remote interest is the Secret Garden.

I started the Secret Garden the first summer we were here. It's a strip of land out near the road in front of the house; it's 25 feet deep and 80 feet long. I soon realized that this was an enormous project, especially when I was also trying to do the front of the house and was on a limited budget. But I gave it my best shot, carving out a path, planting a few shrubs for structure, and welcoming a few starts from friends. Before long, it was at least half full. And then it was winter.

And at the end of winter, Darling was a bit older. She was two. She was toddling. She was toddling and two and teetering through my garden trying to eat things. And when she wasn't trying to eat them, she was dead heading them when they weren't quite dead. This made gardening difficult, and I figured, "Hey, the garden'll still be here in a couple years when Darling outgrows this stage."

But after a couple of years, I got busy with other things, and the garden began to fill up with things that I'd never planted. Ferns and salmon berries began appearing between wild bleeding hearts and foxglove. The herbs were out of control. Alder trees were taking over. The roses decided they loved it up there and before long it was looking like that scene out of Sleeping Beauty where the prince is fighting his way towards the castle. Except...there was no castle here.

I'm sure there's a castle and a sleeping princess in here somewhere!

Hmmm...I wondered where this wheel barrow had disappeared to.

City Boy doesn't like my garden. He'd like to mow it all down.

"What is all that stuff?" he asked one day, clearly in the mood to do some weed whacking.

"It's my garden," I replied. "Don't touch it!"

"It doesn't look like a garden," he said with a snort.

"'s a secret garden," I whispered.

City Boy rolled his eyes. "Well, it's a really good secret!"

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Norma said...

I hope you're feeling like your old self soon. Take care.

Lady Of Chaos said...

I love your garden. :)

I have one too.. it's umm called the nest... see it's a matted nest of well whatever happened to be able to grow there... I keep saying I'll put 'real' plants there someday...

I hope you're feeling better soon. Keep us posted so we all don't worry. Take it easy and enjoy the 5 days of rest. Take lots of pics!

Sue said...

I love secret gardens, and let any man try to come between us and our gardens! How are you feeling? Better I hope! Funny, how everything now seems like a blog moment! lol

Donna said...

My husband wants to mow EVERYTHING down. Must be a guy thing. By the way, there are ways to cheat on that voting deal. People on AOL can vote many times a day, over and over; all they have to do is sign off, sign back on, and their IP address changes and they can vote again. And do. Trust me on this. I quit voting for anybody, once I realized there was cheating going on.

Tracey said...

Men...!!! So true, they're like a bunch of Tim the Tool Man Taylors, aren't they?

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers; very coveted! Can hardly wait to get to the chiropractor; that hospital bed was cruel to my back =)

Dixie said...

I love your photos! You are really good at that photography thing. I'm still trying to learn. It's hard to fit in with everything I have going on. I'll be 90 before I get the hang of it, it seems.

I can't wait to have a garden. I have already told the hubs that I will shoot any chickens that get into my garden and scratch up my plants. He laughed. He ain't gonna think it's too funny when I deposit a chicken with a hole in it at his feet.

Paul said...

Pictures are a good thing. Keep 'em coming.

BOSSY said...

Bossy's everything is overgrown - from hair, through fingernails and perennial garden!

Kahshe Cottager said...

I love the idea of a secret garden and especially when the garden makes itself! Somehow Mother Nature's gardens are special!

I hope your back is less tender today!

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Tracey, hope you are feeling better. Girl, I know that was scary. Thanks for offering to help me I got the picture downloaded. Maybe you can tell what he is doing.haha Take care of your self.

~~Mikki Jo said...

Hope your feeling better dear! How many times can we vote?????

see you there! said...

Do you mind if I join the wheel barrel and just get lost in there? Looks like a good spot for some alone time to me, LOL!

Glad to hear that you are resting up a bit. Get better soon.


Rachel said...

Your garden is great!!! I read your last post and I sure hope that you are okay and back to normal real soon!!

Tracey said...

Thanks for stopping in, folks!

Mikki, you can vote every day.

Darla, you can vote every day, too, and maybe I'll win, and maybe then you'll win =)

Dixie, have I ever told you of the great race to the red tomato?

Bossy, I see you've been nominated for an award! I voted for you =)

Paul, always good to see you; glad you enjoy the photos.

Dorothy, secret gardens are fun! And very little work when done my way!

Laura, so glad you're back with us, hon!

Rachel, thank you; I hope I'm okay again soon, too =)

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Tracey...I love a secret garden! I am thinkin' my neighbors wish I kept my gardens more of a secret!!! I am doing much better this year, tho, and have started 3 new beds. Keeps me busy, and the exercise is supposed to be good for me. Don't know bout that, tho. Most nights I come in pooped and ready to crash!
Glad to hear all is well with your heart. Wonder what is causing the other symptoms, tho?

cityfarmer said...

bleeding heart....a favorite here...hope your heart becomes settled in the peace of God that passes all understanding.....obey the DR!!!!!

Tracey said...

Cityfarmer, that's an excellent piece of advice...the peace that passes all understanding part.

Farmgirl Cyn, I'll bet you're working off lots of extra calories out I'm certain it's quite lovely!