Thursday, May 3, 2007

I got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day....

Sun Storm

Remember Sunny? My recently adopted mustang filly? She was delivered on Superbowl Sunday, and she was a mess. Covered in lice and scared half silly.

Sunny had been adopted the same weekend Darling and I adopted Quiet Storm eleven months ago. Her owners lost their home and moved out of state, relinquishing both of the two year old horses they'd adopted back in June. One was a gelding, the other was Sunny. I just had to share with you her before and after pictures!

Before... all shaggy, and checking out the scary chair!

Today...shedding out and showing a bit of shoulder muscle!

Before...notice the patches of hair missing; this is due to lice.

Today! We're still battling lice, but it's no where near as bad.
See the white line on her neck? That's her BLM freeze brand.

After three months here, Sunny still can't be allowed to roam without a halter and lead rope. She doesn't want to be caught, and she doesn't want to be touched. She just wants to be left alone (she does a terrific Greta Garbo!)

People often ask if these horses are at least halter broke when you adopt them. I find myself explaining time and time again..."Wild means wild. Take the size of a deer or an elk, and put the fright and flight factor of a wild rabbit onto you think you'd be able to lead either one of those animals around with a halter?"

The answer is no. It should be a quick and easy no, but some folks have to ponder it a bit more, forcing me to go deeper. "Have you ever tried to catch a wild rabbit on foot? Did you succeed? And if you did, were you able to put a harness on it and take it for a walk?" Usually, they haven't succeeded in catching it. Those that have were left bleeding without ever attempting to take their newly caught wild rabbit for a walk. It's at this point they get it. Wild horses are wild. And big.

I can see the resemblance, can't you?

Not that I mean to call Ms. Garbo a horse face...I just happen to think Sunny is beautiful!

Now, playing with my pretty pony isn't all that I've done today. Nope. I also went to a wedding. But hey, can't keep you here all day, can I? So those photos and the story that goes with them will have to wait until tomorrow =)

Later, Gator!


Dianne said...

How wonderful of you to adopt horses! Sunny is beautiful thanks to your loving care.

I had four Paints at one time. Also adopted a 20-year old mare whose owner had died. We sold all of them when we moved. I miss the smell of them.

Beach Girl said...

I've never been around horses, so it is a pleasure to come visit you!


Dixie said...

It's in the eyes. She has Greta Garbo eyes.

Seriously, she is a beautiful horse.

Tracey said...

Beautiful eyes, long slender nose with slightly flared nostrils...same forelock between the eyes =)

naturalmom said...

Sunny is absolutely gorgeous!

We look forward to having horses in the near future. :)

Beth said...

Sunny is beautiful and looking like she is very loved, and happy.

Beth said...

What a wonderful thing to do - and she looks so beautiful now.

(You have me feeling guilty about the marmot thing...)

CountryGoalie said...

I agree with Dixie... it's in the eyes.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

I'm sorry I haven't talked to you in a long time. My pc is still down and I'm on my Mom's. My Gosh, Sunny sure has changed. It's going to take me forever just to catch up on all of you. Hope this finds you all doing good and hope to have everything back in working order. Oh, I updated my blog. I've missed you and thanks for checking up on me. Take care,

Rachel said...

Sunny is truly beautiful! How lucky that she managed to come home with you and your family!! Poor thing was a mess when you got her, but you have done so well with her!

I agree with Dianne, I miss the smell of horses!

Great caption for the picture in the previous post too!!!

smilnsigh said...

Yes Sunny is beautiful! And you must be so happy and proud to have these before and after photos.

Now, a silly question from 'the unknowing'... Do you expect her to eventually become more.. whatever you term it? Or do some simply stay a bit tooo wild?

Why not? People are individuals. Why not animals.


vanishingword said...

Sunny looks amazingly fit these days. How long does it take to get them back into healthy shape?

Marion said...

She has the wisest eyes! Thanks for posting those photos...I am so glad she has someone who understands her so well taking care of her now.

She's beautiful!

Yellow Mama said...

She's looking quite fabulous...I men the horse! Thanks for visiting.

Alpicks Treasures said...

You have done a great job with the horse. Alittle love is what they need...

Tracey said...

You know, ya'll have me just bustin' the seams with pride here today!

The icing on the cake is that Sunny dropped her head way down so I could rub the poll (top of the head between the ears), with her nose down below my knees! This is such an incredible offering of trust from her that it's almost overwhelming. I'm so danged pleased with her! She still wouldn't allow me to touch her from her right side, but that's going to happen any day now, I can just feel it =)

Mari-Nanci, some horses never give themselves over. Generally, they're the older ones who only see us as a predator. And of course, it will depend on the person who adopts them as well. Some people start with good intentions but haven't got the skills; others think they can force the horses into doing what they want, which works about as well as forcing a puzzle piece where it doesn't belong. But as you said, just like people, they're all different. And it's all a matter of trust!