Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Good, The Bad, and the Really, Really Scary!

The Good

Name it and Win it!

I love this picture of Darling in the rain. Well, of her boots, at least. And her spurs. So, give it a name, and a matted 8x10 will be yours!

The Bad

Darling and I made a quick trip to Brigget's this afternoon for hay. Brigget couldn't wait to tell me that she'd found some owl eggs up in the loft. Of course, she pointed this stuff out after I'd climbed that oh-so-high ladder without my camera. Which left me with one of two choices: Climb back down the long, rickety ladder to get it. Or: Hang halfway out of the loft, risking life and limb and try to reach for it as Brigget teased and taunted me about not wanting to climb the ladder while she waved the camera around just out of my grasp, despite the fact that I kept hollering at her "I'm blogging this! You know I'm blogging this!" To which she replied that I didn't have a camera to document it, there-by there was no proof of it ever having happened. I'm wishing I'd chosen the ladder.

Brigget has created what she is now calling the Creepiness Corner. This is where the Creepiness to end all Creepiness appears to be stashed. Not only are those horrifying spider legs still kicking around, but they have been joined by owl eggs. And not just any owl eggs. No...your average, normal, non-stomach turning owl egg wouldn't do for Brigget's creepy corner of the hay loft. Instead we've got partially developed, embryonic and mummified owl eggs.

The Creepiness Corner.

And because I knew you'd hound me to the depths of my grave if I didn't get pictures for you (you sick puppies, you!), I found myself hanging out a barn loft risking life and limb trying to get my hand on the camera just so you could have a cheap blog thrill! (Have I mentioned yet that I risked life and limb for you?)

The first egg in Brigget's collection looks normal. They're small, like bantam chicken size. You'd think a bird that big would have big eggs, wouldn't you?

Uh, huh...getting creepier! Partially formed baby owl. Were you eating breakfast? So sorry (ha!)

And, last but certainly not least, the mummified baby barn owl.

Of course, we're still waiting to see if there will be babies this year. There's been quite a bit of activity in the barn, with both parents flying in and out, so we're hopeful. Me, especially, because then when I risk life and limb climbing that ladder into the loft, it will be for something far less creepy.

The Really, Really Scary

I'm not much of an entertainer. My grandmother, even my mother, enjoys a good party and having a house full of guests. Me? I didn't inherit that gene. Or so I thought. I've found that blogging is rather like entertaining, only you're visiting my cyber living room and I don't need to vacuum first. Or dust, for that matter. And typically, I'm not a game player, either, so I was surprised when I found myself signing up for Vicki's Fun Monday. But then I realized that seeing the cyberview from my cyber living room was the hospitable thing to do. After all, Grandma wouldn't close up the drapes to prevent her guests from looking outside, so why should I?

And do you know...people I've never met before came to visit! And I felt all tickled pink, and thought to myself, "This must be what it feels like to be Grandma!" Lots of guests stopping by to tell you that you've got a lovely view, or that the head of a dead horse hanging not far from your door isn't so weird.

Well, today I was visiting a few of those new people, and imagine my surprise when one of them tagged me for a new game! I have to tell you, my stomach did a double back somersault when my brain notified it of my name being there on the list. A game? A new game? My mind began running in circles just like those headless chickens do. Would I have to think for this game? You know how I avoid that...

Thinking did not appear to be involved (sigh of relief!) However, posting a photo of yourself...a fresh from bed, no make-up and no-coffee-morning face is what is being asked for. Well...that's a lot to ask of someone, don't you think? Especially when you've only just met them? And now I'm left wondering if this ever happens to Grandma when she entertains... Grandma, do your guests request seeing you as you roll out of bed in the mornings? I'll venture to guess not.

But this is exactly what Robin over at Pensieve has asked of me, and since I don't want to appear rude...well, I said I'd play...and I really, really apologize to my regulars. I know you like creepy things, but this is beyond all that. It's just really, really scary!

I'm afraid my arms aren't long enough to get my whole face. Lucky you!

Okay, I'll manage a pre-hot chocolate smile for you. Almost. Be thankful you can't smell the breath.

Now, go give that photo a name and get out of here!


Dixie said...

I have said this before but it bares repeating, you have beautiful eyes.

Those eggs are nasty!! I wonder what the heck got at them. Rat probably.

Abiga said...

I wish I was clever and humorous and able to name your pictures. By the way your pics and videos are great. My grandson loved the chicks one. Can't wait to show him the view/sounds of the farm.

Rachel said...

Creepy pictures of the eggs! I am so honored that you risked life and limb. Applause!!! Lest you think you aren't appreciated for all your efforts!! teehee

You are brave to post a wake up picture. Yours looks great! Recently when I got up and looked in the bathroom mirror I was thinking about that song "nothing's quite as pretty as Mary in the morning".....well no one would ever write that about me! It'd be more like "nothing's quite as frightening as Rachel in the morning." Sad ain't it?

Okay, a caption...I'm not good at this....."Best West Foundation." Told you I wasn't good at this!

Tracey said...

Dixie, you're so sweet! You can come compliment my eyes any time. Too bad people don't say the same about my hair...I hate my hair!

Abiga, so glad your grandson enjoyed the chicks! Hope he likes the farm animals, I sure had fun videoing them.

Rachel...you're stunning during the day; unfortunately I don't get any better, just look like I drug my nasty hair out of bed no matter what time of the day it is! (BTW, I often wake up to find my mother in the mirror...do you? One day my grandmother was there. I love my grandmother, but, OH MY! That's not where I expect to find her, lol!)

~~Mikki Jo said...

Love the picture Tracey. How about
"Roping the Rain"
or "April Showers brings May Cowgirls" lol

Vicki said...

Great eyes!

I'd like to think you took the pictures of the owl eggs just for me. Since the World revolves around me and stuff.

I'm not good at naming pictures... however that print would look great in Olivia's room so I'm going ot give it a try.

Spuring in the Rain

yes yes I know orginal.

Dianne said...

Cowgirl Walking on Water? Having lived in AZ for most of my life, it's a very common scene and beautiful as well. Gotta love a cowgirl.

You DO have beautiful eyes. Wow. Don't worry about putting a pic of yourself without make up. Look at what I did on my blog...a shot of my swollen face after a laser peel. Yikes!

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Aspurring girl time. I know, it's not that great but hey, I tried. You do have lovely eyes. Your hair is not that bad either. It's unruly like yourself. Can you imagine yourself with a hairstyle that you would have to fix and do up every waking morning? You have the type of hair that you can just get up and go. Hope you and yours are doing great.

Jayleen said...

"Hello Cowgirl in the Rain"

Taking my cue from Neil Young.

"Real Cowgirls Ride in the Rain"

Being a rider myself and loving riding in the rain... or

"This li'l Cowgirl Rides in the Rain"

wolfbaby said...

girls have spurs too.

Love your pic!! pretty eyes;)

the egg thing.. aww poor baby

Tasha said...

Well, my first thought was that the jeans cuffs and the the boots look rather clean and somewhat new...and inthe water...."getting her feet wet"

and I have to fall in line and say how beautiful your eyes are!

Paul said...

"You can lead a horse to water, but..."

Your blog sure is fun! Empty eggs. Who woulda thunk it?

Denise S. said...

How about the title"Coolin' our heels"

Great photos and hope you have more owl eggs to actually hatch.

Anonymous said...

"These boots are made for walking"

Not original at all!!

kim said...

"These boot were made for stompin!"

Karmyn R said...

You are too cute!!! I love your freckles.

I feel so bad about those owls. I wonder what got them...and what happened to their mama.


Testing the Waters

~~Mikki Jo said...

Tracey, while minding my own business I seen those boots before me, and I thought of another title. "Rain Dance", just thought I'd share.

Tracey said...

Ah...y'all are really too kind. I look at that photo and think it makes me look like my mother is also my aunt. Do I look cross eyed to you?

As for the owls; the parents are both still there. I think those were old eggs from years gone by. If you click the owl tag on the post, it'll pull up the other posts that have photos of the barn owl pair that live in Briggets old barn.

Claudia said...

I can hardly see your hair in the pic, but I do agree with everyone...you have got gorgeous eyes!!

CountryGoalie said...

"Spur of the Moment"... and also, "Wanted Dead or Alive". I realize that when you actually know the context of the photo, that second caption doesn't make much sense, but I've had Phil's version of the Bon Jovi song stuck in my strep-throat-ridden head all day, and it came to mind when I saw the picture of the boots and spurs. "I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride.."


"Singing in the Rain". (Well, you've mentioned music and Darling in the same post before, so you never know...)

By the by, did you get my contact info last week? I never got a reply, so I wasn't sure if you got my email or not...

Anonymous said...

Jingling in the rain!

I love your blog, I read it every day from Sydney, Australia.


Alpicks Treasures said...

Hi ther tracey.
How about alittle water helps kick up the spurs?

Rachel said...

"West Bound Boots"

Robin said...

SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO SEE THIS! I didn't know you posted it...plus...I was kinda tied up Wednesday and Thursday (you can tell by my lame posts, lol).

LOVE how you handled this :). Except I was kinda freaked at the egg progression...yucky.

But you? GREAT eyes (are you sick of hearing that?)! My daughter would KILL for your freckles; she does a cartwheel for every one that shows up after she's been in the sun.

And "Spur of the Moment" was my first thought, too :/. That's what I get for being late for the party.

Thanks for playing along! Glad you commented in time to get tagged ;).